"This is the dawning of the age of A-Hairy-Ass"

Trypios 1898

Meet Apex, the hairy butt-hole!

When the D&D spoilers came out, Apex cards appealed to me, especially the Endless Hunger + Harbinger + Heartbeat combo. You have 3 permanent cards (Harbingers to break ETR subs (Endless Hunger) and protection from net/meat damage (Heartbeat). Faust takes care of the other non ETR subs. Add e3 to the mix and take care of multisub ICE and bioroids.

I was considering Mimic as a failsafe for Swordsman, but it sounds too situational. It will need MU modifiers for it too, so I guess it's not worth it.

The biggest drawbacks of Apex are economy and card draw...there are no Virtual resources for that aside #Wasteland. However, given the fact he can pierce through everything, Siphon will provide with efficient economy. There's also Day Job, Sure Gamble, Infiltration and Dirty Laundry and some Quality Times for low infl. card draw, since Diesels are expensive (infl-wise) and Earthrise Hotel, John Masanori can't be installed (unless face-down I guess).

Someone needs to clear that rule for me. Is Apex allowed to install ANY card face down? Such as Events or a 2nd Heartbeat and other unique cards...

Uninstall is there in case of an apocalypse, or as just another card to install face down and feed to the Hunger.

I was really hyped about Apex at first, but try to deckbuild for him, it's very hard!

6 Sep 2015 valerian32

I think yes, you can install every kind of card facedown.

And I like the use of uninstall

Have fun!

6 Sep 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Trypios It is hard to build a deck for him but when you get one working Apex: Invasive Predator is very good.

6 Sep 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Trypios Actaully their is econ virtual cards their Grifter which I've found to be really good especially with Apex not needing much econ in the first place theirs also draw in virtual in the form of Safety First which is fine with Heartbeat or hand increase cards like Brain Cage.

6 Sep 2015 Trypios

@Pinkwarrior Safety First looks great, but too much infl. for card draw. Grifter is a great tip though!!