Restructured Databull - Irish National 1st Place

Dzerards 207

I don't know how this worked...

The idea was just to rush as fast as possible with lots of end the run ice and operation-based econ. When the deck worked, it really worked, and when it didn't it really didn't!

The deck went 3-2 in swiss - beat Keyhole Val, PPVP Kate, Hivemind Noise. Lost to Keyhole Val and Normal Noise. In elimination it astro-ed out before Stealth Andy found her Corroder and landed a triple advanced Junebug against Leela in the final.

Seriously, I don't know how this worked...

7 Sep 2015 hhooo

I don't either! played a few games against people with this online tonight, it's been exceedingly easy to beat!

7 Sep 2015 AsteriskCGY

Well I guess no one expects glacier out of NBN. And no San San. I'm guessing you were able to score a Datapool here and there with an IAA, but did you make much use of the trace ability?

7 Sep 2015 Dzerards

@hhooo I know right! I played a couple of practice games against my Andy deck prior to the tournament and this just got crushed. I was all for jacking it in and going NEH fastro, but I tried a few games against PPVP Kate and it was really strong. I figured it should be good against Faust too, so I just embraced the variance and hoped my Rock could dodge all the Paper.

@AsteriskCGY It wasn't really glacier, I played it as pure rush. You are hoping to rush an Astro or a Datapool in the first few turns. The IAA play out of NBN is so left field I was able to score a couple of 3 point Beales and one 4 pointer. In testing an early scored Datapool was just brutal. The ability to just go click-the-runner-loses-4 is so oppressive. But on the day I never drew one early.

Given the meta I think the ID did a lot of work, not so much the ability, but the more experienced people took one look at Making News and started digging for their Film Critics and Plascretes. As they were slowing down, I was speeding up.

8 Sep 2015 saltytacopanda

How drunk were the Irish players?