Reina Gang Member Manchester BABW 1st Place

hat_hair 255

Based on the Polish Nationals Reina deck. Adding a Levy back in was my first priority after playing a couple of games. I ended up removing some card draw as well for more ice denial like the cutlery set and a Xanadu

You need to be aggressive when going after ice. In one game I used Muertos to derez a Pop-up Window and later Spooned on the same Pop-up Window. If you suspect Midseasons, sit back, draw and money up as hard as you can.

Turntable helped me steal scored Astros multiple times, and even got a crucial extra point in a PE matchup.

7 Sep 2015 Cliquil

To my mind this lacks recursion. Can you talk me through how you decide when to Vamp/Knifed etc. . I am guessing Vamp was more backup and the whole play was just to make the act of rezzing ice what drained them to zero. Am I correct? Can you comment generally on whether you tested with more Same Old Things or Deja Vus & why you went without them?

7 Sep 2015 hat_hair

The main play was pretty much to facecheck everything and shut down anything that seemed expensive. Destroy small stuff so that the big stuff has to be shut down when a Muertos is played. You're pretty much spot on in that just forcing ice rezzes was often enough to carry a game. Most cards were played opportunistically, and there wasn't much need for recursion on the day. After hopefully sniping a couple of agendas early, a double Medium play can often lock down a win. Vamp got played a couple of times to fuel a Medium dig, or in one instance to stop a Fast Advance deck from scoring out next turn.

The only time I really needed the Levy was against a Jinteki PE deck The one deck I went against that would have caused the most trouble if not for an early win against it was an Argus Space Ice deck, which was rezzing big fat ice for free.

I didn't do a whole lot of testing, so I can't comment on Same Old Things or more recursion. I took out a lot of draw, but I found that often just playing the I've Had Worses early was sufficient.

7 Sep 2015 Wosho

Gratz, i am happy to see my idea has another success :) About levy did You use it other then vs JInteki? If You add it specifically to combat PE why did You not include one sot? I had 1x Levy and 1x Sot in earlier version.

7 Sep 2015 Katsushika

And there I was living in fear of a Keyhole play all game. Wosho - I'm on your side with this, if it's in there to beat PE you need a SoT.

Case in point, I was the PE player and I sniped the Levy out of his hand while scoring a Gila as I recall ;)

Turntable absolutely ruined me after going to extreme efforts to score a pair of Fetal AI's though meaning the game didn't go on long enough for the Levy snipe to have an impact.

Solid deck piloted by a solid runner :) Hats off to you, hat_hair. Glad you managed to take it down in the end!

7 Sep 2015 hat_hair

Levy was not there to beat PE, although in a PE matchup (or any other damage matchup) it is nice to have. In the match against @Katsushika I saved Deja Vu to get the Levy back and took a calculated risk of when to play it. I probably still had at least a dozen cards left in my deck when I did.

I added it back instead of Trope because I found Trope just wasn't good enough, especially if it came out towards the end of the deck. Sometimes I just want everything back to keep pushing forward.

I will probably try to fit a SoT in at some point anyway, just to get second access to all the different 1-of events I've ended up running.

Thanks for the deck, @Wosho.

10 Sep 2015 brightknight_216

Congratz on your win. Was looking through you deck. Just like to know how Data Folding has helped you because I see that you have many Programs in the deck which may need to be installed and take up MU spaces.

Do you think in future you will swap Data Folding for something else?

13 Sep 2015 Phoenix

There is 5 memory in the deck. Parasite, Crescentus, D4v1d are temporary, Corroder and Mimic do Wraparound/Swordsman I assume. So the only permanent programs will be Faust and Medium I would guess, maybe 1 or Corroder or Mimic.

13 Sep 2015 hat_hair

Data Folding is incredibly useful, especially early on. I can't see myself taking it out of the deck. As @Phoenix says, most of the programs are temporary, and a frequent state even at the end of the game is Faust, Medium and maybe one other program. They also double as additional targets for Career Fair, so it's less likely to be a dead card for more than a turn.

13 Sep 2015 Wosho

Exactly it was really nice card, specially from start. For me additionall pros for it was that i have never played it before, and i like playing with new cards/seldom used ;)

5 Oct 2015 Lupus Yonderboi

LAte to the game, but i gave it a try. Hard to handle at first since I rarely play Anarch, but I begin to get it and it's fun.