Choose Wisely: The Holy Grail

ExplodyCat 506

This deck kicks some serious butt. You fast advance all of the things while they try to trash assets in a panic trying to stop your economy and kill SanSans. Two Cyberdex allows you to easily overcome the typical answer to fast advance, Clot. It's a fantastic feeling to install double advance while facing down the Clot. Pop the Cyberdex and then reinstall your Cyberdex using the trigger from Team Sponsorship. Are they ignoring all those spam remotes and just harassing your centrals? Perfect time to sneak out an unprotected agenda into the mix to get it out of your hand and threaten maybe a Breaking News to tag and trash resources.

On top of that, Team Sponsor allows you to reinstall those trashed SanSans; Install more grail on centrals for free; Reclaim grail ice that may have been trashed; Install cards trashed by Noise; Score more than one agenda in a single turn! That last trick there is easily accomplished with the combination of AstroScript and SanSans to drastically reduce the advancement requirement. Consider 1 previously scored AstroScript and a SanSan. With another Astro in hand you can fast advance off the SanSan letting you pick up another 3 for 2 from hq or archives, throwing into the server to then double Astro to score all without the chance for the runner to reclot you if you've hit the Cyberdex Virus Suite during that first score.

Other reasons to play the Grail suite here? It synergizes perfectly with the constant drawing that the deck can do, pulling to your grail ice quickly. Fast advance keeps your hand clear of agendas so more room to hold those 2 grail you want to keep. Grail ice is highly taxing costing more to break so synergizes with the demands to trash your undefended assets. Grail forces a full rig check so it slows the runner down while you are playing fast advance to win. Finally grail's weakness of parasite is mitigated by team sponsor being able to reinstall trashed pieces.

My other two ice inclusions are 2 Archangel to really punish deep r&d digs or to even tax the runner for checking HQ when you're comfortable with how well things are protected. Also again an expensive piece that can sit in front of grail ice to "Turn it back on" if they fail to break the archangel. The same reasoning goes into the single Archer. With low ice strength, you can catch them off guard with a hard hitting double trash for not being prepared with enough money or more than just a Mimic.

I'm also looking at testing Snatch and Grab in the place of Fast Track. I feel that the ability to get an Astro on demand is too great to miss though.

P.S. If you change 15 Minutes to License Acquisition and Archangel to another taxing ice of choice, you end up fully legal for Universe of Tomorrow!

8 Sep 2015 ExplodyCat

I gave alittle more thought to what the UoT legal deck looks like and I'm totally excited about doing The Future is Now instead of the 15 Minutes. Doing that also provides the versatility of the one Fast Track also. This frees the slot for Snatch and Grab, YAY! Actually I may even want to try a The Future is Now over one of the Breaking News in the D&D deck!