Mother of all Rigs

sruman 120

Sunny deck I'm testing as a potential worlds deck. Essentially, a big econ, big rig deck that dominates in the late game. Fairly similar to many Sunny decks, but a few things that might need comment:

Special Order Deck has plenty of draw between 3xQT , 3 EH,and 1 SV but still was having trouble finding breakers in time. Hopefully the 1 SV will help solve that.

Access To Global Sec I see rabbit hole more often in Sunny and it is good for getting link up fast and thinning deck but it's 3 influence in an influence-tight deck and costs 3-more to install. Plus, until Security Nexus is installed (and that is a hefty econ hit you don't want to do early) you don't need excessive link.

Global Security Clearance This is the first card that might go. Seeing the top card of R&D is awesome and might save some really taxing runs, but with 3 RDI, in the mid-to-late game I'm mostly looking to run every X turns and lock R&D anyway. Not sure what to replace it with, another armitage?

Security Testing Eats up a lot of influence and no desperado to make it disgusting but Jak Sinclair can make it pretty gross. 1 open server and guaranteed 2 credits a turn for (usually) 0 credits investment. A bit finicky in a 50 card though and some corps don't leave you the open servers, so might just replace these + jak for lucky finds or dirty laundry's (less potential money, more consistent).

Zu.13 After a few games, I was firmly convinced that Striker was garbage against the common code gates, so I freed up the precious influence and dumped it for Zu.


Early Game Only 1 tutor for breakers and only 2 of each of those so you really want to setup efficient runs with your breakers, a multithreader or two, and security nexus. That costs a lot of case up-front. This deck can piles of money, but not quickly.

No HQ Pressure Fortunately she's not green and the corp's won't know that, but trying to pull agendas 1/5 on single accesses of HQ to prevent the win is not going to be fun.

Meta X Factor - How much trace ice are we going to be seeing once D&D drops? Already Assassin can be a huge pain in the ass (and data raven, etc. have always been). By mid-game, trace ice is barely a speed bump for Sunny, turning hard to deal with ice into ineffective ice for basically free.

9 Sep 2015 TheBytemaster

Ooh, Jak + Security testing is pretty nasty, could be good against horizontal IG builds. I might have to try that out sometime.

Have you found the singleton plascrete to be worth including? I've always been including 2 in my decks if I use them at all, but if that's been working for you, (in a fifty-card deck, no less), I might have to re-evaluate.

(Sorry, really new at this still.)

9 Sep 2015 sruman

`@TheBytemaster Jak + sec testing is tremendous value against NEH, IG, PE, Gagarin, and any other ID that spams out remotes. Blue Sun and (usually) HB less so since they generally protect their assets. But even by himself Jak is useful as it makes checking remotes "free" which you often end up doing several times a game.
It can be frustratingly hard to find sometimes but if it comes up before turn 10 or so (and with the deck's card draw, you're usually through 60% of deck by then without too much digging), it usually worth installing.