As the Crow Flies

Dhutchin 158

Paintbrush ICE as Barrier, Surfer into the server, break with Quetzal's ability or Corroder once you get it. It's even more fun as a Knifed run! Q-coherance chip is only there as MU for Clot, so if they purge it doesn't even matter that it gets trashed too. Forced Activation is for getting ICE rezzed so you can paint it, if you don't have the Paintbrush yet save them. Paige Piper is the unexpected VIP in this deck, don't Mulligan if she is there. Without the influence for 3 paintbrushes you need to dig through the deck, and tossing spare copies of the rig and resources is way more powerful than I first realized.

9 Sep 2015 kjncl

Saw this in action last night, it has the speed that Quetzal: Free Spirit normally has with the ability to collapse ice towers. The tower has been Quetzal: Free Spirit weakness IMO. I think that Surfer may be the piece needed to make a highly competitive, consistent deck that can take down a variety of deck types.

9 Sep 2015 Dhutchin

I've only played 3 games and all of them against Haarpsichord Studios so of course I lost the Wyldside Adjusted Chronotype combo to a Midseason Replacements stack of tags. They left the Wyldside on the board to mess with Paintbrush but still having card draw and thinning let me win all three games.

9 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I think I'd rather have an e3 instead of a Levy in this deck. It's just too damn good with Quetzal, and you are already packing 3x Déjà Vu.

9 Sep 2015 RubbishyUsername

If 1 MU is all you need, I'm wondering why you aren't running Turntable or Vigil over Q-Coherence Chip. It may be 2 creds more, but at least it's not a dead card against non-FA matchups. I guess Q protects Corroder against Power Shutdown as well? You can still sack your not crazy useful console though...

9 Sep 2015 RubbishyUsername

Another note: I can't help but feel Trope is perfect for this deck instead of Levy. Saves 3 influence that can go to e3 Feedback Implants, and interacts much better with Paige because you don't have to shuffle all the unique resources you already discarded back in with the useful cards - unique resources that you then can't get rid of with paige because your cards are already installed. I love the Forged Activation Orders instead of Tinkering though. Much better synergy when Paintbrush is online. Have you considered BlacKat and Dyson Fractal Generator as a breaker though?

9 Sep 2015 wedgeex

I feel as though you missed an opportunity by not naming this deck Surfin' Bird. I do really like the deck concept though. I'll give it a go. I believe my version is going to have three Paintbrushes though.

9 Sep 2015 Dhutchin

I was considering changing out Levy for another Forged Activation, but E3s are a good idea too. I'll need to play against some more corps to see. I did go through most of the deck every game but it kind of didn't matter cause the game was over anyway.

Not interested in adding another combo to the breaker suite with Dyson Fractal Generator and BlacKat. Not saying it's a bad idea but it's too brave for me, give me dependable Corroder anyday