Super Saiyan

Dothanite 376

I wanted to see what Faust would look like in a big hand deck, and here it is.

Remember that doubles/Oracle May deck that was around for a while? The event-based economy is what inspired me to build this. Yeah, it's not only events anymore, but without May that doesn't really matter.

The steps are simple:

  1. run through your deck, getting as much econ as you could imagine
  2. play down your pieces when you get them.
  3. Game Day and Levywhen you have Faust out
  4. Run. Just Run.

It surprisingly makes some good money. I originally thought that this deck isn't able to apply pressure early in the game, but that was from lack of experience on my part - you can throw down the Faust or Femme at any point and snipe agendas when you desire.

One addition that I find to be awesome is, surprisingly, Starlight. Don't knock it in a deck where you can Lucky Find, Lucky Find, Power Nap, Power Nap in one turn. I normally play one click-loss resource with Adjusted Chronotype, and then play the second one with Gene, as long as I have them both in my hand at the beginning of my turn.

Why Chaos Theory? The smaller deck size helps more than you know, and I was inspired by the Haley double builds out there to include two Hyperdrivers. This variation of the deck has worked great in testing. Hyperdrivers are amazing. I can use them when I don't have Adjusted Chronotype or Gene Conditioning Shoppe out, need card draw, or apply pressure to all servers if need be. Never underestimate the 7-click turn.

I will be taking this to a GNK out of town this weekend, and I can't wait to tell you all how it went.

10 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

The test draws on this are downright hilarious. I'm chewing through this deck at light speed. It's also incredibly simple to play; I'm thinking I might show this to a friend who is just getting into the game. What a fun way to play!

10 Sep 2015 Dothanite

I'm glad you like it! It's been a fun deck, no doubt. As I mentioned on Stimhack, I've lost once to Chronos Project and that's it. FA isn't that prominent in my meta, but I have played a couple and just tried to apply pressure early without compromising my build order. So far so good.

11 Sep 2015 A1win

Going to give this a go next week. What do you think about +1 Comet +1 Overmind -1 The Maker's Eye -1 Indexing? Maybe drop some other cards for them instead? Is Film Critic important? Also wondering if Beach Party is absolutely necessary considering it loses you a click once you have both click-loss cards in play (could play with 5 clicks once everything is set up). Maybe a Brain Cage instead? It'd also work as Power Shutdown protection. Was also thinking -1 Legwork +1 Nerve Agent if not using Overmind to put that MU from Comet to use.

11 Sep 2015 A1win

Nerve Agent also blocks a Power Shutdown on Faust. Overmind sadly doesn't, but it can be recurred with Scavenge that's already in the deck for the Femme.

11 Sep 2015 Dothanite

Glad to hear you like it! Regarding your changes:

  • By late game I will have two click-loss cards in play (Starlight Crusade Funding and Beach Party), but I will also have two click-loss prevention cards in play (Adjusted Chronotype and Gene Conditioning Shoppe). I therefore have four clicks every turn, not including the saved clicks I gain through Starlight with my doubles or Hyperdriver.
  • You can go the Brain Cage route and take out Gene Conditioning Shoppe and Beach Party, sure, but the enlarged handsize is what makes this deck tick. It's a good swap, though, and something I can consider if I don't want so many resources.
  • If you go the Comet route (which works), make sure you have valid targets for it other than economy & card draw, which builds up half of this deck. I would definitely keep as many make-a-run events in there as possible, maybe even try to fit in the Dirty Laundrys that I took out for Hyperdriver. I'd love to see a version of this deck that uses run events and Notoriety, if possible, and Comet may be the answer to that. You can remove Film Critic for it, since it's my swing slot.
  • Nerve Agent can work as well. I just like my Legwork since it's always a surprise.
  • If Power Shutdown is a concern for your meta, try looking at switching Vamp to Déjà Vu so that you can get your breakers, resources, etc. back into your hand and play. I've toyed with it, but it's mostly Faust fodder for me. Great when I need it, though.
12 Sep 2015 A1win

Ah, I actually misunderstood Gene Conditioning Shoppe and thought it just makes Adjusted Chronotype give two clicks instead of one when it triggers (rather than triggering from the first click you lose and from the second click you lose, like it does), so Beach Party makes more sense now. I'll report back when I've actually had some games with the deck. I might be overestimating the number of cards you need to discard per run for Faust.

Hyperdriver seems too important to drop, considering you might not get Faust until after you've cycled through the deck once (which is also another reason why I'm considering Overmind as a second breaker, as the economy and Scavenge support it). The Hyperdrivers seem to stabilize the deck. I'm even considering replacing one Diesel or something with a third one.

14 Sep 2015 Dothanite

Just came back from a GNK out of town. Took this and my Flash is Doomed deck and placed first, losing once to each side the entire day.

The one loss for this deck was against an HB deck who placed Turings on his HQ AND his scoring server. That's wouldn't be too bad since I had Femme online - except he scored a Chronos Project the turn before I could Same Old Thing my Scavenge, getting rid of my one way to handle that ICE.

Every other game I won with a fully set-up rig. Hyperdrivers are amazing, and helped me so much throughout the tournament. I am so surprised at how great Starlight Crusade Funding was during the day. I usually played it before I put down my Beach Party, speeding up my deck tremendously.

It was recommended that I try to fit in a Comet somewhere, like we mentioned here, as well. I may play around with the idea further next time a group gets together to play.

20 Sep 2015 StarryVeck

This deck is immense and I love it. I've tweaked mine just slightly to include another Hyperdriver, a ZU.13 Key Master and a Comet. I've always ended up using the Hyperdrivers early game to help get set-up faster, and ZU.13 Key Master is there purely for Turing. I haven't removed anything mind, which could be a mistake, although part of me thinks that Hyperdriver is always going to pay for itself (unless you don't have the required MU to play it).

Anyway, well done. Fantastic deck.

20 Sep 2015 A1win

Forgot to report back in. Last week, I played a few games, also with the inclusion of a third Hyperdriver (replacing Diesel), Comet (replacing one Public Sympathy), and a third breaker (replacing one Maker's Eye). When the deck works, it works beautifully, but when it fails, it fails horribly. Had two of my resources blown away by Breaking News + trash + trash (didn't have breakers yet to get to it).

It's a fun deck and great amusement for spectators, but I don't think I'd take it to a tournament. Too much of a coinflip with the draws.