Death of a Runner (News at 11)

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camustafa 13

I am newly getting into the game and all I have are the core set and What Lies Ahead.

I have attempted to put together a corp deck that has two different ways to win.

10 Sep 2015 camustafa

So, here, we try to mainly flatline the runner, first by tagging them through the many different means of tagging that we bring (Ghost Branch, Breaking News, and copious amounts of tracing ice), and then using Scorched Earth and Private Security Force to blow up their neighborhood or just break their kneecaps. We don't really care how they stop being a pest, as long as they do.

At the same time, the tags play well with disruption cards like Closed Accounts and fast advancing cards like AstroScript Pilot Program and Matrix Analyzer. This should also give us our second path to victory: through scoring agendas.

Any and all comments and feedback are welcome.

10 Sep 2015 slobad31

From What Lies Ahead, I would try to include Ash 2X3ZB9CY somewhere, even in place of one Archer, since the only agenda you'd be willing to forfeit would be your one Breaking News. Priority Requisition can rez Archer for free, but I'm not sure how often you'll be able to reliably score those. Ash 2X3ZB9CY also supports your secondary scoring plan.

I don't think you'll want triple Psychographics, since a competent runner will clear tags early and often. SEA Source would suffice. Also, you should definitely have triple Hedge Fund, since your rez costs will add up, especially while trying to advance and spend money on traces.

On that note, I think you could drop a Dracō for a third Data Raven. That tag-on-encounter ability is just so good, and by the time you invest in pumping Dracō, it'll be just as costly. Just some suggestions to get you started. Welcome to the game!

11 Sep 2015 camustafa

Thanks, very useful. I have implemented the following changes: -1 Psychographics, -1 Dracō, +1 Hedge Fund, +1 Data Raven.