The Movie Deal

Scorpi12 108

The best end-game for the deck is filling Archives with Award Baits, while protecting an installed Beale or Vanity Project with an OHG. Offer You Can't Refuse becomes a FA tool - though you might give up an extra Agenda point if there's no OHG over Archives.

6 Nov 2015 Mechanoise

It's amazing when you see this deck in action how powerful it can be. Watch its less refined iteration on the Metropole Grid to really appreciate how clever and powerful this deck is! Well done!

6 Nov 2015 Scorpi12

Thanks, Mechanoise!

6 Nov 2015 Scorpi12

Since I used this decklist in the video Mechanoise mentions, I've made a few changes - dropped the CVS, Data Raven, and Shadow, replaced with Snatch & Grab (1 or 2), Product Placements, and moved some influence around for a more solid ICE suite. Basically: Film Critic is the worst! Bah FILM CRITIC!

8 Nov 2015 holosmoss

So with 2 award baits in archive + 1 matrix analyser (or 3rd bait) you can IA and score a vanity project if they don't refuse your offer ! Has that ever happened ?

9 Nov 2015 Scorpi12

Yup. I Offer'd Archives with 3 Award Baits in it after installing a Beale. They took the Bait (perhaps intentional double-meaning of the card's name?)