HBFA (1st place SMC ANRPC championship)

Abstract 239

I'm keeping the descriptions for these short, as they're pretty straightforward. I had seen Dan D'Argenio play something pretty similar on his stream, and I definitely pulled some inspiration from that (along with a few other HB builds I've seen around), I think it's a pretty similar list.

All around it's a super solid deck. I was expecting a lot of runner diversity, and I wanted something that was pretty all-around resilient. It does pretty well against Noise, can fast-advance agendas or play the HB "never-advance" bluff game behind a fairly taxing remote if necessary.

The only last-minute change I made was to swap an Enigma for a Turing, as I expected a lot of #Faust, and it came through. I had been testing Team Sponsorship to replace Archived Memories, and I still have some mixed feelings. Sponsorship is great for keeping you ahead, but if you're in a position where you can't score, it doesn't help you get out of the hole like Archived does.

14 Sep 2015 dodgepong

Congrats on the win! How do you feel about the agenda composition, especially with Chronos & Pet Project? Would you ever think about The Future Is Now to help find the next agenda to FA?

14 Sep 2015 Abstract

@dodgepong Thank you! I was actually thinking about it after the tournament. The biggest issue I had was not finding the 3/2 agendas during the window when I could score. In a number of games I had a rezzed SanSan in my remote, and just needed something to score. The Future is Now might be able to fill that slot nicely, though Chronos Project did great work for me and Director Haas' Pet Project is a great clutch card. Future might make Team Sponsorship a bit more consistent as well, I think I'll be testing it.

15 Sep 2015 Nordrunner

Nice looking deck, and gratz on first! just my 2 creds on Team Sponsorship/Archived Mems. I think I would go all in on Team Sponsorship. Might even be worth finding a 3rd slot for it. As you said, it's great at keeping you ahead. HBFA is designed to get ahead early, if you can have one rezzed early (2 or more is just silly strong), you can really close out a game in dramatic fashion.

15 Sep 2015 Abstract

@Nordrunner Thanks! I'm going to give Team Sponsorship more testing for sure. It had not panned out a few times leading up to the tournament, so I decided to go with the safer option for the event, but it's a great card for sure.

4 Oct 2015 herr.Connoisseur

Congrats on the win too! I've watched your games on YouTube, and I think you played with verve and composure. ;) The wooden deck box must be sweet!

6 Oct 2015 Abstract

@markkhei Thank you! It was quite surreal. I've been re-watching the games for mistakes, you always catch stuff afterward. And the deck box is nice, Wyrmwood Gaming makes really nice stuff.