HB Scorch - Hadrian's Wall Tournament 1st place (54 players)

Angedelo 1343

ETF Breaker Bay with 2x Scorch & 2x SEA Source instead of Caprice and Tollbooth. Went 4-2, all flatlines. Beat Opus Kit, Soul Siphon Reina & 2x Faust Noise. Lost to Reg-Ass MaxX & CT Bagbiter Combo.

14 Sep 2015 unitled

All flatlines at a big tourney is pretty impressive, just goes to show sometimes the old fashioned tricks still work! Did anyone see it coming? Did you get the satisfaction of anyone throwing away their plascretes early?

14 Sep 2015 Angedelo

@unitled I can't remember who it was, but I'm pretty sure someone overdrew with I've Had Worse then discarded 2 plascretes...

The look on Andy's face when he saw the Scorch on R&D was delicious. Especially as he'd Fausted away all his cards to get in.

14 Sep 2015 evilgaz

Sexy deck, love the Scorch and Alix elements.

14 Sep 2015 Dis

That game in the 5th round was pretty epic :). With lower than the average asset/upgrade count do the breaker bay grids reliably have stuff to rez?

14 Sep 2015 just_rob

Great deck!, Deserved win and caught out lots of people. Alix also seems to provide a great burst economy - was that helpful in nailing the Sea Source?

14 Sep 2015 Angedelo

@Dis Thanks for your kind words. That game was ridiculous, loads of fun even if it didn't go my way in the end.

In answer to your question and @just_rob's, the Alix T4LB07s would get dropped from this build and Eves put in place. I love Alix T4LB07 with a passion and don't understand why that card doesn't see more play. However, with no caprice and less ice to install, the benefit is minimal. With Eve I'd probably go up a breaker bay and drop the CVS, which are useful but are a carryover from the old build with biotics.

Additionally, drip econ is amazing for leaving you 3 clicks to SEA double scorch, instead of clicking money off Alix, or playing another econ event.