Rob's Harpsisword Hadrian's Wall 4th Place (54 Players)

just_rob 782

Nothing particularly unique here, Straight up Fastro-biotics.

Only addition was a swordsman instead of 3 Eli's to slow down the Faust and Eater that have been tearing things up of late.

15 Sep 2015 shanodin

Did you struggle against Clot at all with only one Cyberdex Virus Suite? I found that I needed 2 at least to keep a handle on the situation.

15 Sep 2015 just_rob

I would certainly like to add another CVS, deck space is tight but perhaps and ice could be dropped for it........

16 Sep 2015 shanodin

Yeah I do like your ice make up, bet the Ichi 1.0 caught a few people off guard.