Rob's Hyperbolic Time chamber-Hadrian's wall 4th Place (54x)

just_rob 782

I love this deck. Credit to b4ralai for the original design. I've played with this deck since I first saw that one and have gone through many different iterations and tweaks.

Before anything else this event was brilliant! Hadrian's wall hosted in Edinburgh is now the largest netrunner tournament in Scotland and was a complete blast to play in with fantastic people! If you can make the next one please do, you will not be disappointed.

The deck went 5-1 on the day, the loss coming when I couldn't find a hostage or Bagbiter till turn 5/6. That will happen from time to time and learning to play around that is very important and difficult!

I tried Diesel over Quality time for a while but once Mopus is out quality time is simply better in every way. You can pop game day a turn early and with your 10 clicks use a quality time to draw the rest of your deck into hand and go for it.

Leg Work and Makers eye are key cards. Do not swap them out for anything. It can be very difficult to win after you have done the 10 click turn and missed the agendas. Maximizing the chances of gaining 4 points is critical.

I've seen decks running same old thing and I think that is a good addition to allow you to run RnD twice to find point after trashing assets in particular, or just run 2 Makers eye as it's in faction!

Mass install is also a great card. Being able to game day click 1-2 Faust click 3 and then click 4 install the leprechaun and both hyperdrivers is the ideal set up turn.

3 Hyperdrivers is brilliant as well, a credit and a click to allow you to set up faster or throw of the corps maths on how many turns you need to set up is always useful. Also speeds up finding Bagbiter when things get tough. If you haven't won after the big turn then last click install Hyperdriver is a great play.

I decided to remove indexing for a while, against someone that knows what is going on they will often make RnD taxing to get into and so making a Makers Eye run followed by indexing followed by running to dig really deep is tough, even with roughly 25 cards they can wear out fast.

Always install clone chips en route and then trash your programs first, bringing in Chameleon is the ideal card to bring in to deal with Turing or Swordsman on a central. (Gordian Blade for remote Turing.)

Kati Jones is there to load cash into before you Bagbiter and then remove the cash to keep your hand size up - you can't afford to lose a notoriety by having lower hand size.

Other cards are meta calls.

Film critic for Harpsichord and Argus and to allow a little early game rush against Butchershop decks that know they cant kill you and so try to sneak out astroscripts.

Fall Guy to combat the fact that people now know about this deck and want to trash Bagbiter with snatch and grab or sea source.

NACH there for the same reason as above and also help with early game runs against Data ravens and Guttenburgs.

Clot is there because it is clot. Deus Ex seems an odd choice but if you are running and hit a snare you cannot afford to loose a notoriety or your Levy so clone chip in Deus Ex if you suspect that.

Inti to reduce wraparound and help with some high strength Barriers (I know it costs a bomb but you hoping to get the job done in one turn)

The deck is a Monster once it is up and running. Getting there fast can be tough sometimes but its a relief to see the 4th agenda point when you have 3 clicks left and 3 notorietys in hand.

Hopefully some videos of it in actions to follow soon!

14 Sep 2015 unitled

This deck is just crazy. Best thing about it is watching the face of someone who hasn't seen it in action when the MEGA TURN hits. It starts off a picture of surprise then slowly drops to dismay as they lose the game in a single turn.

There's a video of it in action, keep your eyes open for that!

14 Sep 2015 Phoenix

How reliant is this deck on Bagbiter? I haven't played it myself so I don't know. I only ask because of the cards out there which trash a resource without allowing prevention (Contract Killer, Character Assassination.....)

14 Sep 2015 drhems

Deus X is also important for Komainu. I know the card sees less play because Parasite is popular. It is still thing though and will ruin your day. Chameleon will break it but you will be left with a zero hand size. Hopefully you will have won by the time you finish that forever turn. In case you haven't, though, it's nice to have the money(cards in hand) ready for either a Levy or another Game Day if you still have cards left in deck.

I'm going to play around with Bookmark as a way to hold on to a Game Day if I ever have to Levy.

14 Sep 2015 just_rob

@Phoenix The deck is fairly reliant on Bagbiter. It is essential to get off the 10 click turn with enough cards to make multiple runs and also ensure you have 3 notorietys in hand to play. However in this tournament I played Argus and did not use the 10 click turn, I did have bagbiter out. Quality timed to get cards and ran to steal agendas when I felt my opponent was trying to rush them out knowing what may happen.

Character assasination is tought and so is contract killer aswell. Ive looked into putting in Drive By to kelp combat that problem but I fear it may just be a bad match up for the deck.

@drhems You are absolutely correct about Komainu, I should add that to the deck description. Bookmark will also be a useful tool, not least for allowing BagBiter to be recurred by storing a hostage to Levy him back into play if needed. But you had better hope the corp is playing slow for that to work!

14 Sep 2015 RubbishyUsername

Hyperbola Mime Chamber!

Hyperglaecemic Crime Chamber!

Hyperbonic Rhyme Chamber!

Hypertonic Lion Tamer!

... Close enough.

On a serious note, I notice the difference between this list and the last one is New Angeles City Hall over a Same Old Thing. I can understand the tag avoidance, but what about dropping a Levy for Same Old Thing instead? Doing a double Levy is less realistic, but you don't get screwed over if you draw into both Levies against Jinteki or particularly Chronos Protocol. Even better, you can recur Maker's Eye and Legwork if you're confident about getting the Levy off. Great list though!

14 Sep 2015 just_rob

@RubbishyUsername The NACH was a throw over from previous itterations of the deck prior to Film critic. Now that I am using Fall Guy as well I think I will move away from NACH. It doesn't prevent Snatch and Grab and does nothing against Argus. All it really uses just now is against guttenburgs and data ravens, I now find them easier to play against.

Same old thing is great and will be tested as well, my only concern is you are saving 3 clicks for notorietys and 3 clicks for running HQ archives and RnD. this leaves you 4 clicks for other actions and installing and using SOT takes up 3 of those. But The upside could well be worth it.

14 Sep 2015 just_rob

@RubbishyUsername Double Levy is there for insurance. Sometimes whilst assembling pieces You have to make some tough discarding choices, having the second levy has made that easier and also allows an early game reset if Bagbiter is trashed. I don't think I could drop to 1 levy now.... Perhaps SOT will convince me!

17 Sep 2015 sdxbbs


so to make it simple the goal of this deck is to get 10 clics in one turn to eye maker+legwork+run archive+3 notoriety and GG ?

18 Sep 2015 just_rob


Absolutely. You can wiff from time to time so practice with the deck is very important to move it away from a 1 turn all in deck to something much more consistent.