SlySquids "Mother F****** Deck" w/ SanSan Cycle

SlySquid 4660

This is the updated version of my deck, I honestly haven't been playing anything else since I made this and i feel its almost as good as it can get...

Notable changes:

Faust over Knight- this is a fantastic swap that lets you threaten any server at all times, it was a straight swap for me...

DDoS over the cutlery- this card is mind blowingly great! it helps supplement your breaker suit and just adds so much aggression to your early game, and lets face it, this deck is all about the early game

Trope is the cherry on the cake, it just gives you that much more recursion, though its not as idiot proof as Daja it does the job and really helps to not "Burn Out" (mill all your recursion cards so you cant levy)

Anywho, if you like the deck before be sure to try it out now and play with all the new fun Maxx toys!

Happy running

15 Sep 2015 GreenWing

so how do you handle Turing? Otherwise this looks super super tight.

15 Sep 2015 x3r0h0ur

In this same style, I'm trying out 2 power to the people and 2 day job, because with keyhole you almost always know when you'll steal an agenda. I believe it can totally make up for a whole turn of keyholing, so if you're on that turn you know you can score, its great. It is also much more flexible than Day Job,

Cutting D4v1d seems a bit scary to me, but I can go several games without using one, so maybe its fine. No singularity though seems scary though too. I do think the DDoS is the best add to this type in a while.

15 Sep 2015 SlySquid

@GreenWing Femme takes care of stuff like that...

@x3r0h0ur Power to the people sounds great, I'm just worried that a simple ETR over archives could make it a pain to pull off...

As for David, Ive never ran it in this build and I've never had a problem and I feel the singularity is a bit of a meta call, because you don't really need to have a card to trash the agenda because you have so many new tools to just steal it...

18 Sep 2015 gandrasch

What about Film Critic instead of Hades Shard to counter the Haarpsichord wave everybody swimming in right now?

Also love this deck. Never played Maxx before, but it's just so much fun with this deck.

18 Sep 2015 SlySquid

@gandrasch I love your train of thought, but unfortunately there is almost no way to play this deck that dosent make you go tag me, so as good as film critic is I don't think it'll last long...

That and because im playing a deck that is like 90% reliant on winning out of archives the hades shard is indaspencable, even more so now that Turing is out...

The only card I'm not in love with is trope, of all the games I've played with it, I've just never wanted to play it...

I'd love a few ideas on how to up my early game aggression, I'm thinking of just cutting one for another hactavist meeting till that EMP chip comes out in mumbad (fuck that card is going to kick ass!

18 Sep 2015 Putzlappen

Where are your DLR's???

18 Sep 2015 SlySquid

@Putzlappen none of the iderations of this deck had DLRs, it's about Early aggression and maintaining constant pressure, and unfortunitly DLR is just to flimsy to just slot in with out support cards with it...

19 Sep 2015 Myriad

Needs Hacktivist to have any shot against RP and any modern decks.

Trope is also something I find very hard to put into the deck right now. I like trope a lot though so it maybe drop a same old thing or deja vu to make more space?

Like I said, I just get wrecked without Hacktivist in the deck. With Hacktivist in there it is pretty solid.

1 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

Keyhole sort of counters Haarpsicord ability. I am wondering how often do you use Joshua B.?

1 Oct 2015 SlySquid

@Cryoclasm I always use josh! It adds so much pressure

1 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

I am asking because our meta consists of butchershop and butchershop. So tag me mode is not quite useful against them.

1 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

I ran a variant of this during the regionals season, during the peak of butcher and I lost 1 time when a corp trafficked me with 2 ihw in hand and missed both, and I was on 6 points.

The key is hold ihw, but also periodically blast HQ with wanton to bust up the combo pieces. Rushing to win too because most of butcher's ice suck, you can just run through it for cheap. You should be able to win and keep the corp too poor and combo starved to kill you before you win.

1 Oct 2015 SlySquid

@Cryoclasm it's literaly what @x3r0h0ur said, this deck hinges on aggression and control and if your going to let decks scare you away for your game plan than you have already shot yourself in the foot.

I'm playing in the league and it's only lost one game so far, wanton is the key! Pressure every server forcing them to react to you till you can make a wanton run, rinse and repeat...

Even more so against butchershop, the best part about that deck is if they can get you to slow down and stress about the flatline they will rush out the win.

6 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

FYI @SlySquid @x3r0h0ur I tried Power to the People but I didn't like it much. Now I am testing your build with such changes: -2 Trope -1 Joshua B. -1 Day Job -1 Liberated Account +2 Queen's Gambit +1 Singularity +2 Hacktivist Meeting

So far Hacktivists are winning a lot of games.

15 Oct 2015 Vhalantru

I'm having trouble managing my money with this deck. Lots of Econ goes in the bin and it really hurts when I don't have enough to put ddos into play or afford liberated accounts. Any advice on that? Or are there some play videos online?

15 Oct 2015 SlySquid

No Sry @Vhalantru, I don't have any play videos...

Syphon is the main source for econ but everything else is used in full turn bursts, day job is the easiest for this but lib accounts is the same for me...

I also love leaving lib with four credits, it's such a great recovery from closed account, because if you are doing your job right they should have next to no credits to trash all you resources after a closed accounts...

Also you may be trying to play for late game and credit build for that, that's the wrong play here, you want to go fast and hard every turn u can and turns you can't you need to burst for econ...

Hope that helps

15 Oct 2015 SlySquid

I've also dropped a Trope and the box-e for two hacktivest meetings

16 Oct 2015 Vhalantru

Thanks a lot squid! I've been narrowing down the problems I've had. Because I've won more than half my games with the deck. Dropping to zero credits is usually really bad. How often do you take an action to draw/play I've had worse? And how much emphasis do you place on getting josh keyhole and eater out early? And I guess my last question is what do you look for in your starting hand to decide on mulligan?

Thanks again!

14 Nov 2015 CowboyTintin

Alright, @SlySquid, I've been mulling through your MaxX decks for months now, as well as building my own, and I think I've got a question. Somewhere you mentioned that you feel pretty safe from SeaScorch because of the increased hand size from Box-E and your IHWs...

So now that you've taken out the Box-E all you've got is the IHWs. If you still go moderately Tag Me, how does that work against Tag-n-Bag Weyland deck?

My first iteration of MaxX included 3 Public Sympathy, which was marvellous, but really slow... So then I cut them and added a bit more recurison, and have been relying mainly on IHW for damage protection, but I'm a bit jumpy about taking too many tags... which kinda ruins the whole play of Account Siphon!

I'd love to play hardball Tag-Me, but do you think that's feasible only with three IHWs in the deck?

(Haven't ran Box-E, by the way, because I've been relying on Doppelgänger. Spend a few clicks, then AmpedUp-JoshB-Wanton their whole hand, then still have a free run left to hit archives...)

15 Nov 2015 SlySquid

Hey @CowboyTintin! First off I'm glad you like the deck and its sparking so much createtivity!

So to answer your question, yes I always go tag me... It's actually worse in most cases to have box-e in play if your planning on protecting from scorch, because it only brings you to 7 and reduces your chance of having the IHW hit after the first scorched (1 in7) and dying to the second as opposed to the 5 in 1 odd of hitting one... If that makes sense!?

The biggest reason I had box-e was to bring back up my hand size after a inflicting a few brain damage on my self, but after a year or two of play I've realized that the Amped upped is more for closing a game and I rarely play them if it'll leave me in a compromising position...

This all leads to the simple fact that this deck lives and breaths aggression, if your going to be afraid of the few fringe cases of being flatlined just play something else....

It has all the tools to beat kill decks, wanton is HUGE for killing combos and keyhole can remove them from play all together, just hold five cards with one or two IHW (or none at all, bluffing the fact you have them) and run every weak server you can, force them to rez ice and keep them broke with AS, wanton FTW!

I can honestly say I win more than I lose to flatline decks...

Hope my rant helped!

15 Nov 2015 CowboyTintin

Thanks for responding! I really like the deck quite a bit.

So this actually clears up my question a lot! Thanks... I think I've had that idea in the back of my mind this whole time, but have doubted that it would really work. Whenever I've tried a more Tag-Me play style I suspect that I just haven't been a good enough player to pull it off right. Which means, now that I know it can work, I'll put some faith into piloting a bit more aggressive of a game.

I hadn't thought of the "concentration" difference between having IHWs in a normal hand and having them buried in a larger hand... That's very interesting. I'll have to remember that when I factor Public Sympathy's (one of my favorite jank cards) into other decks!

Just for your own gratification, when I started building my deck I tried to ignore your own deck as much as possible while still constructing mine around a wanton-siphon-ampedup-eater core, so that I'd be coming at if from a ground-up, fresh perspective. (And so that it'd be my own.)

The interesting thing I noticed was that often I'd put a card in, and then later realize that it was in your deck too, and that - after multiple plays - I had honed down the card's quantity in my deck to the same as in yours. Happened with Liberated Accounts, happened with Eater (I kept trying to run 2... didn't work), happened with Femme, Trope, etc...

I'm certainly not as good a deck builder as you, but the fact that someone else is (relatively) independently coming up with so many similar constructions has got to mean you've got some good, solid principles under this deck. Kudos!

15 Nov 2015 SlySquid

Sorry for the late response @Vhalantru I look for a hand that can apply a lot o early pressure, if that's headge, eater, syphon than I go with it... But normally it needs money and recursion, every thing else will come fast enough...

@CowboyTintin I'm so glad I could help!

That is very cool to know that we ended up at the same point, but it's even more cool that someone else thinks about this game like me and it's not all just about money and breakers...

I don't know what you corp but you may get a kick out of my PsiSquid2.0 deck, it's got like an 90% flatline rate for me and is a fucking tone of fun to play! I'd love to hear your thoughts on that...

Regardless thanks for the questions and good luck!

16 Nov 2015 CowboyTintin

While I like the idea of NBN (tags, tags, tags!) and HB, I usually always end up playing either a tricky Weyland, or Jinteki... Gotta admit, I do love me a brutal flatline! Of course, my decks usually end up being poorly balanced over scoring and flatlining, so they have a mixed win ratio... Just something for me to work on I guess...

I'm still working on completing my card pool, so it will be a bit, but I will definitely give your PsiSquid2.0 deck a shot! Looks like a blast.


25 Nov 2015 Corporations Rule

@SlySquid hey man. I love this deck!...I'm wondering if you've thought about adding Apocalypse. I've been trying to square the popular worlds apocalypse build with your deck and I'm wondering what your thoughts are. Double early game is very attractive, but you can only fit one fem and people are taking out Joshua B. I love Joshua B! :)


25 Nov 2015 Corporations Rule

@SlySquid Oh and another question I've been having playing this deck. Once you're tagged up, do you leave same old thing or ddos on the board daring corp to waste time trashing them, or do you tend to play them on the turn you will use them?

Thanks again for the most fun deck I've played.

26 Nov 2015 SlySquid

@Corporations Rule Thanks for the intrist and all the great questions!

Ok so, yeah, I've thought about Apocalypse and adding it but I have came to the conclusion that my deck is all about early aggression, and in that case account Syphon is (at least for me) the way too go... I find this deck to fast for most long term cards, I norm just exploit the weakest servers until they get good enough protection an move on to the next one all the wile forcing them to rez ice to keep me out and stay poor...

But I guess trading one AS for an Apocolips would be a fun compermis...

Also I have NO IDEA WHY PEOPLE DONT PLAY JOSH! He in my mind is the clincher to this deck, you want to exploit any and all weaknesses... Josh lets you keyhole more, wanton more and econ more!

I never really leave DDoS of SOTs out to be trashed, they are wat to valueble, the only ones I leave are (obvisily) josh and I love to leave my Lib accounts at 4 credits, it's my closed account back up and I love when people thing that trashing them is a good idea, and then you just have a great back up pool of credits if you need them...

26 Nov 2015 Corporations Rule

@SlySquid I was thinking maybe something like this:

Didn't even cross my mind to take out a siphon. That's too much of the moneys! :)

Do you think the femmes are too big a loss?

26 Nov 2015 SlySquid

That looks great @Corporations Rule! I'm not sure you need the YOG but that may just be me...

Femmes are very versitile cards and can really set up of some great cheap keyhole runs, but than again, so could removing the ice interly lol

I don't think there is a wrong move here, play, test and refine! It's def a great tool to have at your fingertips

26 Nov 2015 Corporations Rule

@SlySquid wouldn't no Yog allow a single Turing to make it impossible to wanton or apocalypse?

27 Nov 2015 SlySquid

Yes, but now your looking at a huge rig and a single card that you need to find in order to run...

I don't know, I hate full rig decks... That was my fav part of this deck it's such a flexable rig...

Your going to need 2 for keyhole, one for mimic cause you can't risk hitting a swordsman, one for YOG to get past Turing (and getting shut out by tollbooth), wild your at it your going to want one for eater so you have a back up plan... That's a lot of MU

27 Nov 2015 percomis

Hey SlySquid! :) Yeah, because of MU I think it still would be a good idea to run a console. I'm playing around with Turntable, helps against Astro tokens. Also if you took out the Box-E, what did you spend the last influence on?

27 Nov 2015 SlySquid

Ahoy hoy @percomis!

I really don't ever need to worry about MU, my two rigs that I norm run are Keyhole, Eater and Femme/Faust. It depends on the situation...

And I still think if your going to run a console it should be vigil, it helps with the overall game plan of the deck in which you keep them so poor that can't score and cards build up in the hand...

The extra MU is not being used atm but I think a good include would be utopia shard... It works great but finding the room is hard...

28 Nov 2015 corbeil93

I was wondering what is the right time to use Faust considering you trash your own cards, because you need to trash to boost it then trash again for each sub.

28 Nov 2015 Corporations Rule

I definitely prefer the femme play to the anarch breakers, but if I go apocalypse I can't see losing an account syphon working money wise. I'm thinking a femme over hades shard might work...or more awesomely taking out the levy and the anarch breakers to add three femmes. Or two and utopia? Just gotta win in fourteen turns, right? :)

28 Nov 2015 CowboyTintin

@SlySquid As far as consoles go, I find that I'm always happy whenever I get to install my Doppelgänger. That along with Joshua B. can really set up some nasty runs. The influence hurts a bit, though... Glad to hear you suggest Vigil; I've been wondering about this as an alternative, but everyone seems to like this card for Valencia...

@percomis, I find that I don't usually have a problem running out of memory... The meta I'm in likes to trash ICE that has Femmes or Knights or Parasites connected to it, so my memory usually fluxes. Also, I don't always mind trashing an installed Femme; I could just re-install it later in another server... I suspect Faust is more efficient in this respect, though, than Knight...??

Gotta admit, I'm a bit wary of Faust, too...

28 Nov 2015 SlySquid

@corbeil93 I like to start out with keyhole, eater femme for most of the game and pull Faust out late game after keyhole loses its potincy... Or earlier if they are trying to rush against me...

@Corporations Rule both of those ideas are just crazy enough to work, I think I like pulling out the shard first and maybe try running 3 eater, 2 Faust, mimic, femme... That way you still have a great early swordsman defence and can always trash the mimic for the upgrade...

@CowboyTintin I don't subscribe to thinking that just cause a consol is thematically tied to an ID that's it's the only option, vigil is cheap, punishing and helps with the overall gameplan

11 Jan 2016 Benjen

Just so you know, the older version of this is still super good. I love it with Cutlery. Thanks for sharing this with the world. I will probably take it or some version to store champs.

12 Jan 2016 SlySquid

Wow thanks @Benjen!

I really love how flexable the build is and I'm you dig it!

12 Jan 2016 SlySquid

I also think that with the inclusion of the NAPD most wanted list this deck gets so much better!

13 Jan 2016 mrable

@SlySquid I played in a store champs this past week and it seems that the field is moving heavily towards glacier decks (and of course committed flatline). My old runner (a shaper nonsense Chaos Theory) just could not keep up with heavy duty glacier so I'm looking to revisit this. If that's the effect that NAPD is going to have in general, I think this will do very well.

13 Jan 2016 SlySquid

It does well for me @mrable, the trick is to get a syphon lock early...