Drip Sunny

CaKnuckleguy 354

Sunny for testing. Drip econ for steady gain. Cyberfeeder/Multithreader/Datasucker for easy running. Lacks HQ pressure, but that's solved by knowing gamestate (aka are they holding Agenda in HQ because they know the servers are no longer safe?) Employee Strike is amazing.

16 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Your Data Folding seems relatively easy to turn off... What if you went -1x Medium, -3x Data Folding for 3x Power Tap? This also puts you down to 50 cards.

17 Sep 2015 CaKnuckleguy

Can't say I disagree, though cutting half of the steady drip doesn't seem like the right answer. Power Tap isn't a bad idea, but I can't cut a medium without some way to search for them. -2 Baby +2 Dyson Mem Chips.