Parasite Recursion / Faust Nasir

CJFM 2251

So, I've been playing this for a while now and it's fucking awesome. Basically it's a combination of all-out-Faust and Parasite destruction. There are backup breakers and I sometimes just go for those instead of Faust (against NEXT ice, for instance, and against NEH FA or Butcher).

Generally, the game plan is simple. Draw through your deck fast, using Visage + QT + Diesel + Astrolabe. Get set-up and assert pressure on centrals with RDI and repeated pokes at HQ. Kill annoying ice, and save Faust and the other breakers to make efficient passes at remotes and R&D.

Screw Clot. We're not playing against NEH FA; if you do, just flip the table and say "come back when you've found a REAL deck", and walk away. It's that simple.

You can use Clone Chips fairly liberally in this deck, since you have LARLA, but I don't always need it. Save Cy-Cy for R&D, atman at 4, Chameleon goes back on Workshop and is your immediate answer to annoying things like Swordsman, keep D4v1d for other nonsense like Susanoo and the Space Ice. Faust for annoying things you don't want to pay through. Parasite the rest. Towards the end, you will have Film Critic installed and be value-running R&D for 3-4 cards. R&D should be weak, because you've been killing ice. Save Same Old Thing for Legwork, Maker's, or LARLA. The deck is surprisingly effective, and it's hard for people to predict. Feel free to modify/rearrange. If you take this to a tournament, let me know how it goes!

18 Sep 2015 voltorocks

Looking good, been running something very similar myself.

have you thought about an escher? one thing that's plagued me recently with faust-centered decks is stacked architects on R & D, which basically forces you to get out atman or spam chameleon. escher neuters the architects in a way that no other card can (in addition to the wealth of other ridiculous tricks you can pull with it and Nasir). It's done a lot of work for me recently!

Anyways, Kudos on fitting this deck into 45 cards! You've squeezed in a lot of fun little toys I never seem to have room for. I will definitely be comparing lists and making adjustments (probably starting with adding clot.... :P )

18 Sep 2015 CJFM

@voltorocks it's 47 cards ;) I think the draw makes up for it. But feel free to cut down a few cards if you really want, -1 QT and -1 Film Critic are my suggestions.

I haven't honestly played with Escher that much. I tried it in PPVP Kate when that was en vogue, and it was fine. In the NEH matchups or the HB FA matchups you can get away with putting your Atman at 3 and using Suckers against Eli.