Batty's Boxing Bioroid Berserkers Basically Behaving Badly

slobad31 529

When Batty gets bored, he boots up his bioroids! Blatantly battling brains is his best bet for relieving boredom. Brain-Taping boosts tempo, while Breaker Bay discounts big-cost econ. Bring runners down, begging for blissful flatlines, while Heinlein breaks their bank. Best of luck belittling their breakers!

18 Sep 2015 Gygrazok


21 Sep 2015 Jashay

Batty bashing breakers blatantly begs bountiful bashers; bi-Ichi? Barely bothersome.

But breaking brains? Batty's better backed. Bringing Broken Brainchips begets better beatings.

21 Sep 2015 turkishvancat

Why the Global Food Initiative? In general, the Runner will still need to score 3 agendas to win; the only case where they would need 4 is if they steal exactly the 3 GFI and the NAPD Contract, which is fairly unlikely when almost half of your agendas are Project Wotan.

21 Sep 2015 slobad31

@Jashay Thanks for keeping the theme, and I've been tinkering with Brainchips since I posted this.

@turkishvancat My first draft had no 3-pointers, with the exception of GFI, so those are remnants of that. You make a good point, though, and it would free up some influence. I'll meddle with the agenda suite a bit. Thanks!