I'd Give my Soul to Explore the Net

Thike 1193

Faust Nasir! Because Faust must go in everything these days.

Took this list to a small GNK tournament, and it went 3-0. That record is honestly due to Faust more than Nasir. I love and have a lot of experience playing Nasir, but I think the setup here doesn't suit him. Game Day + Beach Party is great for Faust , but Adjusted Chronotype can often be a pain to install and Nasir would rather host his cards on Personal Workshop than toss them.

That being said, once this rig is set up it is hilariously efficient. I only ever got a strength 5 Faust with 3x The Personal Touch on it. Apparently that's good. Combined with the subsidized RDIs, most corps don't have a chance. Industrial Genomics is less scary when you have a hand size of 10 and 2 Paricias, even if Scrubber would have been better. Gagarin was a pain, because Paricia won't pay for accessing remotes, and those single credits are valuable to Nasir. Managed to sneak it out with 4-card R&D digs and timely HQ runs. The Titan Atlas train was stopped by Drive Bying early Snares and San San City Grids.

Props: Paricia. This card did work. For all runners having these or a Scrubber can do a lot right now.

Slops: Replicator. I imagined doing neat stuff with it, but it ended up just being Faust fodder.