Praise the Sun! 2.5 (Deckbuilding Derezzed Ep. 6)

CodeMarvelous 19749

An updated version of my praise the sun for Deckbuilding Derezzed.


22 Sep 2015 Feisty

This seams much tighter than 2.0 Drug Dealer has performed amazing in my play testing. Well done!

23 Sep 2015 Myriad

I don't really see as much value in the medium when you are already establishing a soft lock on R&D via Globalsec Security Clearance and Jak Sinclair.

Pretty much everything else I totally agree with influence wise though. I feel the build could use Legwork for the late game win.

23 Sep 2015 C6H6

I found Rabbit Hole works quite nicely particularly for the Jak/Nexus combo. 6 creds and a click for some installs which pays itself back after two of those runs with the bypassing. I'm currently experimenting with the Supplier to get the drip economy out saving more money, have you tried that at all?

24 Sep 2015 Myriad

I run a version similar to that C6, with three rabbit holes and three power taps with the medium influence. Power Tap + Rabbit Holes + Console means you are making between 1-3 credits a turn + Datasucker + Access, typically without using a click and that is assuming that you don't get hit with any traces, which you will probably just win outright and make money off of.

I am kind of going back and forth on a few things. I really like Global Sec Security as it basically puts R&D on a mini lock for the rest of the game.

The Console and Rabbit Holes in this deck to make the Nexus even better. The Nexus is usually so central to my game plan that I almost wish I was running three copies for consistency. It makes me money off of power taps, it enables Jak Sinclair and it gets me through a piece of ice on the fly.

Jak is so vital. I would never make a sunny deck without Jak and Globalsec.

24 Sep 2015 M0H4WK

I played the list a few times, but drug dealer costs me lots of credits in a long game. And i have a problem with tags/scorched. Any clues about what to adapt?

Maybe i've had worse instead of drugs? or diesel? New angeles city hall?

26 Sep 2015 Myriad

I am not a fan of drug dealer in Sunny. I don't think the drip econ plays well with it.

1 Oct 2015 EnderA

As I mentioned on 2.0, I think replacing a Medium with a Self-modifying Code would be a straight improvement. It can get Medium OR a Breaker OR Datasucker OR Multithreader.

9 Oct 2015 fiveplus5is55


so i tried it, firstly, it's an improvement of all those sunny decks i saw on netrunnerdb before, especially career fair is very suitable for her, also modded to an extend and datasuckers maybe.

But nevertheless it still need more finetuning. I think all runner decks need to be measured against NBN, cause that is hands down the strongest corp fraction out there.

How do you fare vs NEH fastro (especially the team sponsorship one which is a monster) and Fastro/meat-damage? I found it impossible to catch up vs fastro, Even we now have a better draw with drug dealers, there is still too much dead draw!.

And vs fastro/ meat-damage you also additionally need moneyz for their traces ( those extra link in early -midgame wont save you) and a rather quick,cheap set up for a RD lock.

What i think is, that lebeau needs to run and built its rig from there. Dirty laundry is a must imo. And street peddler also, cause its cheap to install and only 1 influence. Jak sinclair seems to me a very underrated card and in lebeau you can install him almost for free. maybe a john masanori in addition. Also i am not sold on the link stuff, especially security nexus.

What you think of using forger hardware instead which is cheap to install , 1 influence and protects us from Sea source when we run early to build our rig and put some pressure on.

The way i see lebeau decks is a faster paced runner who doesn't give up early game and come out on top midgame-lategame with her drip ecomomy and handy breakers suit.

13 Nov 2015 Salindurthas

Hmm, are the Employee Strikes worth it?

Do you feel like there is a lack of HQ pressure?

Is Medium better than Globalsec Security Clearance?

Otherwise it looks like a solid list.