Apocalypse Yesterday

Pikeman 266

Haven't tested this with proxies yet; waiting for D&D to come out first.

The basic principal is simple. Get in via Endless Hunger + e3 Feedback Implants (ideally using Harbinger for EH), and if you're feeling saucy, blow up the whole board with Apocalypse. Then, hit archives to grab whatever fell through. Most of the rest of the cards are just means to an end, but I'll touch on a few:

  • Traffic Jam for the fast advance Astro-train idiots, or to show down almost any corp enough for us to pounce.
  • Chop Bot + Harbinger is unbelievably broken. (Edit: Guess it's not actually that broken—I misunderstood how Harbinger works, or rather, doesn't work, when face down)
  • Sneakdoor in case they wall up HQ so much, it's cheaper to just hit archives again for our hat trick.
  • Levy if we're ever in a situation where we'll deck ourselves.
  • Utopia to get agendas out of HQ and turn them into a delicious meal in archives.