Just Rob's Doppelgänger is Kate

just_rob 734

So this deck is taken from the Congress deck that has done very well.

However I was very surprised to see that no other deck on Netrunner DB is using Doppelgänger and Davinci together (At the time of writing) I decided to test it out and all I can say is WOW. Having 1 daVinci and Doppelgänger out is essential a double desperado hit per click. and then you can use those to install thing like RnD interface on the fly after passing Ice. Then clone chip it back in before you make the successful run to gain a token back.

It also provides the benefit of allowing Kate to check multiple asset remotes easily and with click efficiency, in days of team sponsorship you need to be checking remotes. You want to be running and now you can and it gains you information, 2 "credits" and an instant install per click.

Using it to throw of Corp math is also brilliant fun, ill fire Davinci at the end of your turn to bring in my Daily casts and gain 2 credits please, or the Mem chip that now lets my Underworld Contacts fire. Or of course your plascrete after they Sea Source you.

The deck is still being tested for further tweaks so comments would be very useful but I'm very VERY impressed so far.