Gas Pedal - 1st GLC LCQ/3rd GLC Finals

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The new NEH hotness, featuring Team Sponsorship. Dropped a Hedge at the last minute for a Blacklist, which was great. Almost dropped the other 2 Hedge for Shipment from SanSan or Product Placement at the last minute. Archer was never rezzed, and should've been a 3rd Architect.

Went 10-6 on the weekend.

21 Sep 2015 x3r0h0ur

Little engine? Bruh srsly?

21 Sep 2015 spags

@x3r0h0ur Fantastic card v. Faust, and a number of decks. Worked really well. Straight up beat a MaxX when I put it over Blacklist. A nice surprise.

21 Sep 2015 moistloaf

Little Engine is so good

21 Sep 2015 Diegofsv

Little Engine is a beast against Faust.

22 Sep 2015 saltytacopanda

How's econ if you don't find your Turtlebacks?

22 Sep 2015 spags

@saltytacopanda It's obviously much better with TB, but it's still fine. Operations can be recycled with Howards, and the deck doesn't need a ton of creds to work.

22 Sep 2015 podoboyz99

These NEH faststrobiotics decks are looking more and more like my (actually really good) NEARPAD deck.

22 Sep 2015 clercqie

3 Breaking News + The Future is Now: love it!! Now I can say to my friends I am not crazy for going to 12 agendas. :D

22 Sep 2015 spags

@clercqie Yeah, that was just for now. Going back to 11 with Food.

@podoboyz99 Indeed. A true amalgam here.

22 Sep 2015 Abstract

@spags It's a really cool deck. I've been trying to put something like this together since playing against it at the SMC.

23 Sep 2015 Larro

@spags - I assume you'd cut TFIN and an NAPD before the BNs, due to the auto-trigger on TS. I'm a big fan of GFI, but is it worth the Influence in this deck? What would you add w/ the spare card slot?

24 Sep 2015 johncraven

what do you think of Tech Startup

24 Sep 2015 spags

@Abstract Thanx! Niles @hhooo Stanley is the man I got it from.

@Larro Unsure on the layout post-D&D.

@johncraven Intriguing. Tough to find a slot for it.

24 Sep 2015 DevronHubbard

I'm surprised to see Wall of Static on this list. I'm still kind of new to the game though. What is the purpose of Wall of Static in this deck - is it really the best option for what it's supposed to do? It's just there to replace Eli because you needed the influence for Turtlebacks? Has it been a liability?

24 Sep 2015 spags

@DevronHubbard Another Fracter gearcheck. Elis became Archer.

24 Sep 2015 johncraven

@spags what do you think of paper wall as a one off? good gear check, can recur with sponsorship

25 Sep 2015 saltytacopanda

Did some tests with D&D cards and I think the most prominent would be 15 minutes. 3 BN + 1 15Minutes will let you have full use of Team Sponsorship. Also, cheap clot bait.

25 Sep 2015 Watzlav

@saltytacopanda Would you replace Hedge Fund with Launch Campaign or Special Offer? Or would you replace the operation economy with them entirely?

25 Sep 2015 spags

I was thinking of replacing Hedge with something like Product Placement.

Archangel should go in.

@johncraven Paper wall is intriguing.

25 Sep 2015 johncraven

special offer is good with team sponsorship

28 Sep 2015 rnishimura

And what about replacing Hedge Fund with Diversified Portfolio?

6 Oct 2015 Aatxe


That's really nice deck, I tried it and I am happy, I had something similar in my mind some time ago, but your decklist is definetely better than one I would make myself;) Just some thoughts about incomming Data and Destiny, some ppl already mentioned 15 Minutes and Archangel, but what do you think about replacing Fast Track with Shannon Claire? It looks so cool on paper that I would like to fit 2 copies in deck as it enables some crazy Team Sponsorship shenanigans

8 Nov 2015 krystman

@Aatxe I added exactly those to cards to my version (15 Minutes & Archangel). They are great!

I think Shannon Claire might not be a good idea. The point of Fast Track is to punish Runners, who fail to trash SanSan City Grid. With an Astro Counter you can keep the train going directly from R&D. Shannon doesn't seem to be able to fulfill that function.

9 Nov 2015 spags

I ran a modified version of this at Worlds. Was 6-2, going 2-2 v. Kate. One game had a window close pretty early, and couldn't get out of the flood. Legworked for 6 early. Other Kate loss was just hard Clot times. Other wins were v. 2 Val DLR, 1 Leela DLR, and Zeb's Surfer Quetzal.

Mods: -1 NAPD -1 Breaking News -1 Future -3 Turtles -1 Blacklist -1 Sponsor -2 Static -1 Lotus -2 Pop Up -1 Architect -1 Archer

+1 Food +1 15 +1 DBS +1 CVS +1 Biotic +1 Hedge +2 SFSS +1 Wrap +1 Archangel +2 Ichi 1.0 +3 Special Offer