Runner Compression Division - 1st Place GLG Anarch/Jinteki

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I took this deck to the 14 person GNK tournament at Green Lake Games in Seattle, WA, on 9/20/15 and won first place. This was the second in a series of tournaments where the whole tournament has to build only one faction for corp and runner, and the acrylic flip ID of those two factions was the prize. This time, it was Anarch/Jinteki only. My runner deck can be found here:

The day of...

Round 1: Pankake Noise (Ivan)

Turn 1 I protect HQ with a Clairvoyant Monitor because Lamprey is super prevalent and really good against Jinteki. On turn 2 he runs RND and scores a Vanity Project and I have no Punitives in hand. I try to grind out win by using Jackson's for Agendas. I Snatch and Grab, targeting Asops, and he takes the tag and I trash it and a Wyldside. A 4 advanced Allele Repression buys me a lot of time by getting random Econ and Snatch and Grab, which I immediately use to kill another Asops. I manage to bluff out a Vanity Project, and then Mushin a Future Perfect. He lays down a Medium and digs me for 2, seeing a Future Perfect off the top with 1 cred, and with me having ample money, I spent 2. He has one click, 1 credit, and no cards to get into RND with Faust, and there is a naked Future Perfect with 4 advancements. He thinks for about 2 minutes, and then draws a card. I was sweating very hard by the end of that game, and the runner had no money pretty much the whole game, so all I had to do was manage the Vanity Projects in my deck to prevent him from winning. Overall Record: 2-0

Round 2: Reg-Ass MaxX (Johnson)

I make a mistake and protect HQ (thinking it was Siphon MaxX, because it has a general better matchup against most Jinteki ID’s), and again, this time on turn 3, the runner runs an unprotected RND with no multiaccess, and pulls a vanity project. I have a Punitive in hand, and I play it, just to tax clicks, but not enough to kill him. He mills most of his breakers, and chooses (correctly) not to run into Psi Ice over and over again just to get central access. Instead, he durdles for a bit, drawing a lot. While he was doing this, I Mushin and score a Vanity Project. He finally gets his rig up (which consisted of soley a Yog.0 and Datasuckers, which is all you need) and starts running RND for 1 access a turn. I can't draw a trap to mushin so I get impatient and Mushin a Future Perfect. He runs it and I lose. This time, I am low on econ the whole game, and can't advance stuff. Overall Record: 2-2

Round 3: Pancake Noise (Maxwell)

I sit across from a seasoned Noise player who is I know is super aggressive and very good. Knowing this, I play a bunch of Econ early, leaving RND unprotected with a Punitive in hand, then immediately start losing to Lamprey. I get really lucky and he misses the Vanity Project on 3 runs with 3 cards in hand. I ice up HQ, and he starts pillaging RND. Early in the midgame he runs into a Snare! off the top of RND with 2 cards in hand and flatlines. Overall Record: 4-2

Round 4: Siphon MaxX (Zac)

I am in the number 3 slot at this time, but I get paired up against the person in first because I had already played Ivan, who was in 4th. Knowing I have to sweep to win, I sit down across from Zach. Knowing he was playing Siphon MaxX (a little bit of casual chatter never hurt anyone, right?), my first turn was MRF, ice HQ, Caprice HQ. Throughout the game neither of us were very aggressive for a couple turns. I end up icing RND thoroughly (which, for this deck, is pretty much just 2 Psi ice), and he gets Faust early, and he runs HQ, and I win the Caprice Psi game (He was trying to tax me out, forgot about Nisei Division. Cards that nobody plays FTW!), then just plain Siphoned me, and lost the Psi game again. A couple turns later, he runs RND, pitching 3 cards to Faust, then I triple Neural EMP to win. Overall Record: 6-2, 1st Place.

Playstyle: Refer to @Lemonbrick here. All credit goes to him for the deck idea.

Card Choices: I am only going to comment on the changes I made to @Lemonbrick deck, as the deck was his original idea.

  • Lockdown > Bullfrog. I found Bullfrog was generally too expensive and people get really scared when they see Lockdown. One of my favorite plays is to Mushin something and then ice it with Lockdown.

  • 3rd Neural EMP > 3rd Caprice. I did miss the extra Caprice, but the EMP won me a game. Can I complain?

  • Snatch and Grab > Shi Kyu. Shi Kyu kind of sucks because they are never going to steal unless you allow them (by installing it), so the only easy agenda to score is Vanity Project. And a Shi Kyu does nothing to that runner stealing pattern. Snatch and Grab is almost universally good against Anarch, whether you are trashing Aesop's Pawnshop, or Kati Jones, it is usually useful.

  • Only 2 Jacksons? Allele Repression. It's a card. Play it.

  • MVP: Mushin No Shin: More of an economy card in this deck.

Changes: Not many for now. I would Like a third Caprice, and the only disposable card is Cerebral Overwriter. I don't know what to do with the influence though. Post suggestions in the comments!

Overall, I was very happy running this deck. I have always enjoyed Jinteki damage decks, and I am glad that one is finally viable. Yeah, I said it, Nisei Division is VIABLE. Big thanks to everyone I played, and to @jakodrako for organizing the tournament. :)

22 Sep 2015 Lemonbrick

Glad you enjoyed playing this deck , it is hilarious! I totally agree with you that bullfrog is not needed and with the inclusion of snatch and grab. 3 caprices can clog your hand as only 1 can be rezzed at any one time and you can recur them in quite a few ways. I have not tried 3 neural EMP's, I am experimenting with various ICE suites at the moment.

22 Sep 2015 podoboyz99

I find the 3 Neurals necessary because it gives you the option to Neural>Neural>Punitive for the flatline. I did miss the second Caprice a lot, as being able to spend 0 or 1 with no economic impact on those repeated Psi effects (such as Caprice or The Future Perfect), is one the best things about Nisei Division. I'm interested to see your other ice choices because I feel Psi ice is necessary, and Lockdown is pretty bad on centrals.

22 Sep 2015 Lemonbrick

actually I have found psi ice other than Snowflake to be that helpful as most runners get Yog.0 out for Clairvoyant Monitor pretty quickly. I am going to experiment with Shiro and Yagura next. I want to stick a Cerebral Cast in the deck somewhere to.

11 Nov 2015 checkthebox

Needs more Bullfrog :-)