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Chio 14

So, I love Exile.

He has been my main for a long long time. Sometimes I try things in Kate and sometimes in CT. But I always seem to come back to Exile in the end.

I put this together fairly recently. After having tried Dirty Hands and a few variations on Dumpster Gamble.

What I learned from those decks is that I love drawing and love playing cards. So, Magnum Opus will never be my first choice econ card. What I also learned was that Marcus Batty loves you forever for putting everything on Scheherazade. So I compromised.

I went with a similar econ package to most Dumpster Gamble decks but I simplified it a little.

I have a solid breaker suite with Mimic + D4v1d + Net-Ready Eyes + Atman taking care of sentries. Hate that ... might try a Mimic + Ninja combo sometime.

So ... essentially, this deck scavenges a cache to gain 4 credits and a card. Nothing new, except that here, thats mostly what scavenge will do. Unless I have a good reason to scavenge a token based card, its gonna be a cantrip sure gamble.

It also tries to sell and then Test Run the few token based cards it plays. So I can get maximum number of tokens from them, while getting some extra cards there as well.

Bookmark is my new favourite Meat Damage protection, because... you can also sell it to Aesop as a Easy Mark.

Thats it, make money, draw cards, trash things with a single Imp that never seems to run out of counters and break archer for 3 credits and a card.

Recently went 3-1 with this deck at a local tourney. Possibly my best result ever. I am still.... weak... to being blown up. But, not that I dont actively hate putting in protection against it, I might get better. The deck that blew me up was run by the eventual winner of the day.

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes where you live. In South Africa its known as Exile BS... people dont seem to like endless Imp counters.

22 Sep 2015 daytodave

I don't know where you're going to find the influence, but Harbinger is a Lucky Find in an Aesop's deck.

22 Sep 2015 Chio

Yeah, D&D is not available in South Africa just yet and yeah, influence is gonna be a mess, but probably worth it.

22 Sep 2015 Chio

On a side note... since it gets "installed", Harbinger is actually worth 8 creds if you use Scheherazade.

As for what I take out.... will have to re jigger breakers. But I think besides that Armitage will make up card slots. Might switch to lady for 2 influence. Might change the Box-E. More money thats easier to get might be worth it.

Do have to be careful though, Aesops can be a little slow sometimes. You are still working with a limited credit pool, not something like Kati or Opus which doesnt go away.

22 Sep 2015 daytodave

Assuming Scheherazade, Harbinger is 7 credits, not 8, because when it installs facedown it has no type, text, or attributes (a facedown card is not a program). It's still 7c for one click and one influence, which is practically a Stimhack without the brain damage.

24 Sep 2015 Chio

Aah, ok. Dont have access to D&D yet, so dont know the rules for facedown cards just yet.

Hmmm, so you cant scavenge a facedown harbinger either? It might be better to mostly use them to bring back other harbingers or cache if you need the money quicker.

It is nice that you get to kinda choose. I do find that I sometimes dont have something to scavenge to bring back a cache when I need it.