We Didn't Spark The Fire 1.0

Feisty 2242

How this deck plays:

You are wealthy... All game. I had a silly Criminal Account Siphon me 5 times in a game without making much of a difference. With this crazy econ, having a Tollbooth, Susanoo, Archangel server is totally affordable.

The Advertisement tax on the runner is actually super significant. Early game slows the runner down and late game, a surprise Launch Campaign rez during a run will make them too poor for Red Herrings.

Early Game: You're playing any PAD Campaign you find and tossing a Launch Campaign behind a Pop-up Window if able. Score Astro if able. don't worry too much about getting Account Siphoned. They'll be spending their credits on trashing assets anyways and may even float a tag or two for a Closed Accounts. With Architect and Reclamation Order, I'm not too worried if the runner trashes a few Ads.

Mid-Late Game: It's all about Glacier and making the runner hate your servers. Archangel is bananas and I will install it over keeping it in my hand any day.. bounce the Film Critic or necessary breaker back to hand to secure a score. I've scored more NAPD then trashed since Red Herrings makes the poor runner hate the card even more.

The cards:

13 Advertisements. rez them. I see a lot of misplays from people playing this identity. There is no need to rez an Advertisement on your turn! It is efficient enough for the runner to lose 1 a turn (2 lately since drug dealer is popular) than to show your hand for them. Let them spend a click if they're curious.

Cards that were omitted.

Product Placement. This doesn't do enough. The two credits were nice but the econ is already fine without it and the extra Advertisements aren't needed. Red Herrings and Cyberdex Virus Suite have more impact on the game.

Eve Campaign Too influence heavy and again, already enough Ads.

I will continue to test but so far it's pretty fun.

As always, I appreciate any suggestions and advice!



30 Sep 2015 AsianMT

48 cards?

1 Oct 2015 Feisty

@AsianMT Heh, forgot the extra Closed Accounts. Should be two.

7 Oct 2015 mharris717

Surprised not to see Team Sponsorship. Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks for posting.