Celebrity Rehab

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Geolyph 16

Not anything terribly original with this deck.

Very few agendas, force a shi kyu and the runner needs 3 out of the six agendas. Cheap voltron ice that work on net damage rather than stopping the runner. Hoping for dat chum/daramine combo. Mushin no shin and trick of light for the usual agenda/trap games.

Issues: probably weak econ but the cards are cheap. No idea if ice composition is good. God I'm I noob what am I even doing. Working at bald faced bluffing I guess. Fake it til I make it!

23 Sep 2015 ryathal

you have the influence Global Food Initiative or Labyrinthine Servers would be better agendas than executive retreat and priority req.

23 Sep 2015 Geolyph

I'll look into those, thanks! Only reason I'm running those agendas is my limited cardpool I'm afraid.