Apex: All Devouring

R3miel7 13

My attempt to get a consistent, working Apex deck going. Econ will always be light so everything is kept as cheap as possible. Cache will help keep money rolling in while providing more to devour and also uses the extra mem from Heartbeat. Draw is another problem I haven't 100% figured out yet but hopefully Rolodex will allow for choice draws and, if it's nothing good, can be devoured to speed things along.

25 Sep 2015 scd

After playing a fair amount of Apex recently, Chop Bot 3000 is really not working. I'd cut it. Also, Always Be Running is a lot of influence that I'd personally spend elsewhere. I'm currently running 2x Faust in my Apex — otherwise, getting hosed by a Tsurugi or even something as simple as an Enigma is annoying. You pretty much shouldn't care about destroyers or tracers — you can often run tag-me just fine with Apex, and you'll be churning your rig anyway — so you just need something to get past the ETR + conditional ICE. I'm curious how the Interfaces are working out for you -- multi-access has been a problem for me in Apex, and I'm currently running a singleton Medium and a singleton Legwork, but not thrilled with that solution. Consider slotting in some Day Jobs or even freeing up influence for some Account Siphons for more econ.

25 Sep 2015 Kronosdev

You aren't running Sharpshooter. How do you deal with program destruction?