Feng Shui (Falling Cleaning 2.0)

daytodave 1185

This deck is all about clearing out your life. Removing the clutter, which is to say, every card that isn't useful in the matchup you're playing, and getting paid for it.

The best part is, it doesn't even matter if you win, cause you get to say things like this:

"End of my turn, draw three off Drug Dealers. End of your turn, pop Clone Chip, gaining 3 off Wastelands to install Harbinger. Hayley triggers, pay the three to install Multithreader from hand, going back to zero. Use Multithreader credits to pump Study guide. Start of my turn, lose 0 from the three Drug Dealers, then sell Harbinger to Aesop for 6, and take 2 off Daily Casts."

Then you can choose to take your four clicks, spending the 13 credits and 3 cards you gained at start of turn, or just pause a moment to enjoy the blank look of horror on your opponent's face.

I'm not saying this deck is good. I'm saying this deck is awesome.

25 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@daytodave: Yeah this archetype just thrives on Drug Dealer, and shaper is only slightly inconvenienced by spending all its influence on draw and econ. I could see switching Daily Casts for Technical Writer, but that's really just a playstyle tweak in favor of Hayley loving the hell out of cheap installs.

25 Sep 2015 daytodave

@FarCryFromHuman What I've found is that I can almost always spend the 2c from Daily Casts on Wastelands, Aesops, and more Daily Casts while setting up, which means I can end turns at 0 and get free draws off DD. Man do I want Stimhack, though. If there were a 17 influence shaper, or a good shaper killer, I would be a very happy panda.

25 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I believe we were promised a new shaper in the Mumbad cycle, and a 17 influence identity is long overdue. Sadly I think a solid killer would probably make shapers just too strong. It would become the sentry-breaking version of Corroder.

Stimhack doesn't seem so strong here as your only during-run installers are SMC and Clone Chip. You've got enough econ going to get you into servers the old-fashioned way.

You could get rid of some of the tech and run Cloak and Dagger though... that frees up two influence for HQI or something, and Cloak has many non-stealth uses. Hmm...

25 Sep 2015 daytodave

Stimhack is for running before things are set up. Part of what slows this deck down is that because Clone Chips are worth $15, I'm reluctant to use them for SMC recursion or getting back breakers; thus I facecheck less. Really, I think that means the deck needs Levy.

25 Sep 2015 daytodave

Cloak and Dagger is an interesting idea, finding the card slots might be worth getting either HQI or Clot in there.

26 Sep 2015 Grimwalker

I'm just pouting that you keep making better versions of the deck I'm trying to make ;-)

19 Oct 2015 Grimwalker

It has been pointed out to my sorrow that Harbinger is actually an install, so selling it to Aesop actually turns off Haley's ability for that turn, as facedown cards have no type for her to install off of.

19 Oct 2015 daytodave

I also learned that with great dismay. However! 1) Since it has no type it doesn't eat Kate's ability. 2) You can play around it with Haley by having other cards you want to sell to Aesop at the ready for your Haley install turns, and save your Harbinger's for run turns.

Are you still playing with this deck? What's your success been like?