Vanity Biotics v1

RubbishyUsername 434

Now that we have Vanity Project, that gives us a decent agenda to Psychographics outside of NBN, and since Custom Biotics: Engineered for Success decks were traditionally Midseason Replacements decks, I figured this was the best place to put it. Custom Biotics gives us Blue and Green Level Clearances as well as HB's reliable ice. (More reliable than NBN's, anyway. Domestic Sleepers is also a great card for triggering Midseason Replacements. Mandatory Upgrades is also a good Psychographics target, and if you Psycho Vitruvius you can chain Psychographics and recur your money. Don't forget to score and use Domestic Sleepers for point 7. I'm trying Cybernetics Court and Enforcer 1.0 for funzies.

27 Sep 2015 GordonsBeard

What's a good starting hand? Excited to see a good target for Psychographics.