I'm So Hipster v2

RubbishyUsername 434

Publishing this because I'm so F***ing Hipster that I got upset when people started playing Gagarin.

27 Sep 2015 thesm17

What about using Punitive Counterstrike instead of SEA Source/Scorched Earth? Save yourself some card slots and influence since you've got such big agendas.

27 Sep 2015 RubbishyUsername

I have both :)

27 Sep 2015 Earth Red

Weyland 2 is always cool! :D

1 Oct 2015 Pandaclysm

Only Hedge and Restructure for econ? How do you expect to beat traces?

2 Oct 2015 RubbishyUsername

@Pandaclsym So the idea was with the imaginary money you save by advancing space ice in that you get an ice that would cost you 9 credits for 3 clicks and 0 credits. In other words, you get to play huge ice but all your money goes into those traces instead of your ice.

The problem is, as it turns out, is that imaginary money still isn't real.