Chronos Protocol - 4th NZ Nationals

EthosNZ 248

This is the corp I took to nationals the idea is to pick out the important cards from their hand and while you're looking you can find good targets for the Targeted Marketing.

Some random notes/thoughts about this deck

  • I ran this ID not because I thought it's particularly good but because I don't really enjoy FA or Butcher-shop so I decided to go weird
  • I guessed there would be a lot of Faust so I went with grail as it's high subroutines and works well against most factions
  • Targeted Marketing didn't do a lot on either days but this was most likely because I didn't see it much
  • Playing this deck was pretty fun most people didn't know what to expect but I feel like the ID needs more love, or it's just not an ID I can pull off
  • Ronin might be a good slot as some times the runner wouldn't run till they were set up and if you can't score fast enough then you have no way to punish

Swiss Rounds

  • Round 1 vs Blaine's Silhouette - Win agenda points
  • Round 2 vs Michael's Noise - Lose agenda points
  • Round 3 vs Theo's Ken Tenma - Win agenda points
  • Round 4 vs Angus's Leela - Lose agenda points
  • Round 5 vs Donald's Haley DLR - Win kill
Top 8 Cut
  • Round 1 vs Egor's Wizzard - Lose agenda points
  • Round 4 vs William's Noise - Lose agenda points

I came 5th after Swiss and 4th after the Top 8 Cut

28 Sep 2015 tonybluehose

Out of curiosity, did you have enough econ to get you through your games? It sounds like Targeted Marketing didn't fire during the tourney, so I'd love to hear about if you had the right amount of money, not enough, etc. Thanks!

28 Sep 2015 Linger

@tonybluehose Celebrity Gift was super powerful against my Wizzard-Muertos deck. Also this Chronos is running cheap multi sub ices.

28 Sep 2015 moistloaf

I've been playing a very similar list. I actually quickly cut TM because I didn't find them worthwhile. Yagura is so good in this ID.

29 Sep 2015 EthosNZ

@tonybluehose Even without the TM as @Linger said Celebrity Gift is an amazing econ card as we all know and once the grail secret is out you can show your hand all you like, only time I was worried about money was in my final game against William, I fell like it could have more econ if you wanted but I don't know what I'd cut.

Also with no snares and only shocks (as you only need to land 1 net damage) you dont have to worry about going low on money for HQ or R&D accesses.

21 Oct 2015 sruman

Thanks for posting. A few thoughts. Would the 2 inf from dropping targeted be useful as an archer (not sure for which ice)? Sac'ing a depleted house of knives would seem to be a good trade.

12 Feb 2016 ChairmanHiro

One thing I was always curious about with Chronos Protocol.....why no Data Mine? I mean yeah, Neural EMP is a lot more reliable overall, but unless the runner is using AI's the mine can't be broken and could be nasty surprise, especially when you can follow with EMP on your turn and gut their strategy pretty hard.