Brain Implants v2

Waterpile 247

Replaced Medium with a Mimic and ZU.13 Key Master to deal with Swordsman and Turing respectively. ZU.13 works well with the Dyson Mem Chip and can be played face down if it's not needed.

I think this will be the last version of this deck that looks into this particular direction. My only other consideration has been playing Always Be Running in place of these other breakers. But I don't think I'd like to run first click every turn without more card support.

Side note: Make sure you have money after you Apocalypse. You will get Scorched without Heartbeat.

30 Sep 2015 Chewie

I'm just starting to try out building for Apex and i wonder if IHW is useful as obviously draw but also scorch protection post-Apocalypse? Also wonder if there' something in the fisk seminar too making them overdraw and then apoc /utopia them hmm idk. Thoughts?

30 Sep 2015 Waterpile

@Chewie I love the I've Had Worse for post-Apocalypse. I've had trouble with it. The only problem to me is the influence.

I definitely like the Fisk Investment Seminar line. But I think that kind of strategy is just along a different path than this deck is trying to accomplish. Definitely would be an interesting strategy to form a deck around though.