Psych Evaluation

TMN8R 84

You will be playing the part of a Jinteki psychologist. A runner jacks in, not knowing s/he is now your test subject. You probe their mind (grip), and you provide various shock treatments when necessary.

This deck is similar to Barrier Bay in that the idea is to trash programs to lock the runner out, only with code gates instead of barriers. Blacklist to stop recursion and Chronos Project to eliminate it for good. Where this deck differs is in two areas:

First, we will use an asset based economy to make sure we always have money and to tax clicks and credits. It also taxes the runner while encouraging them to run more often so you can play Neural EMP and Power Shutdown. This deck is slow(ish) and methodical, so asset economy is a good fit.

Second, we do net damage more often and more consistently. Yagura and Swordsman are early game ice to make the ability fire, and we bolster our asset based econ with Hostile Infrastructure. I love this card in Chronos Protocol. Trash my econ? I snipe your hand ON YOUR TURN, then again on my turn with a Neural EMP.

Rototurret is strategically the best ice for this deck but it's weakness (as with Yagura's) is parasite. Now when they trash the turret, your ID ability fires off Hostile Infrastructure. Grim gives you a chance to turn a late game turret on by trashing mimic.

This thing is so much fun to play. Let me know what you think!

30 Sep 2015 Asjveal

"Now when they trash the turret, your ID ability fires off Hostile Infrastructure." Does it? I don't think this counts towards trashing. I think this only counts for cards having a trash cost, correct me if I'm wrong.

30 Sep 2015 slobad31

@Asjveal To my knowledge, it only matters who is doing the trashing. Since Hostile Infrastructure does not say "in a server," ICE being trashed is still a Corp card. In the case of Parasite, the runner trashes the ICE, via the card effect. The same would apply to the cutlery suite. This differs, however, from Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire or Forged Activation Orders, where they specify that the Corp trashes the card.

@TMN8R This looks like a solid build! I haven't slotted Hostile Infrastructure into mine yet, but it looks like it deserves a spot. With the various program trashers, Batty also has a solid place, I think. I'll have to redraft my build with some inspiration from this :)

30 Sep 2015 Asjveal

@slobad31 That's actually amazing, I wanted to add it into my chronos deck but then I noticed I didn't have that many assets, this changes things since they will think twice when they parasite/cutlery ice. Thanks for the insight.

30 Sep 2015 Asjveal

@TMN8R I like this setup! The only thing i'm probably going to change is some burt econ, probably going to find a place for celebrity gift. And for some reason I want mamba and Wendigo in as well for some more control, but that might be overkill.

30 Sep 2015 TMN8R

@slobad31 Thanks! And Hostile Infrastructure is so good, definitely give it a shot! It also does great work against multi access R&D runs/trashtrash, and against Kim.

@Asjveal I'm playtesting a version that replaces PAD Campaigns with Sundew and drops 1x Crick and Grim for 2x Cortex Lock. Sundew makes the runner choose between installing the breaker/recursion before they run it (giving me money), or letting my Infrastructure snipe it out of their hand when they trash Sundew.

Cortex Lock adds more hand control early game and stays relevant because few people install a full suite against this deck. I'd love to drop a Swordsman instead of Crick (since Cortex and Swordsman play a similar role), but cutting Grim and adding lock makes Atman 4 so much better against this deck that I need the extra Swordsman.

1 Oct 2015 lolpaca

Looks great!

I've always thought Cortex Lock is a natural fit with Chronos Protocol. Been trying to find a good econ engine that works with this ID, and Sundew is definitely an interesting idea I hadn't considered.

7 Oct 2015 ODie

@slobad31, @Asjveal unfortunately Hostile Infrastructure doesn't trigger for Parasite'd ice, because even though the Runner owns the card with the trash effect, they're not the one doing the trashing ("Whenever the Runner trashes a Corp card..."). That is just the Parasite. Same for Noise's ability. It does work with the cutlery suite though. ;-)

8 Oct 2015 anyothername

@ODie actually, it looks like Parasite does trigger Hostile Infrastructure:

You are correct about Noise's ability though!

8 Oct 2015 ODie

Oh! That's excellent, thanks for the clarification @anyothername, much appreciated.