Biomedical Food Pioneer

Trypios 1898

Ideally, install cheap ice and rush agendas ASAP.

If ice proves inefficient..upgrades ( Caprice Nisei, Marcus Batty, Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Corporate Troubleshooter ) will all go into that scoring remote to ensure victory. Clinics and JH can stay naked, focus on one iced remote.

Ideal ICE for scoring remote during mid-late game:

GFI is the MVP of the deck making the runner needing 3 agendas to win if he steals one while you always only need 2. Shi.Kyū approves :) TFP makes it hard to steal (go dig for your film critic).

There's a single Mushin, in case you see the runner at very low funds, lay down an agenda with a single ice and hope for the best.

29 Sep 2015 gammanet

does Little Engine really keep that many runners out? whenever ive encountered one, it generally starts making me money, with 2 influence, I think a Tollbooth or Ichi 1.0 would do more work. also, with the gfi, you can cut Shi.Kyū all together, theyre expensive and generally wont do anything until youve forced the runner to take 2 of em. I would max out on Caprice and the batty is only better in the event you play more trash ice. Having played the deck, I often find Crisium Grid is a great include to help prevent cheap multiaccess and prevent a siphon early game(which ussually results ina loss. I've never been sure on the Mental Health Clinics due to it allowing the runner more options, and this deck relys on them having less of those.

30 Sep 2015 Trypios

it's only for the Faust decks, otherwise go for Mikoto. I think you're right on shi kyu. With all the beach parties and faust it's a dead card.