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paddosan 3339

Ideally you should be able to place a remote server protected by 2 layers of ICE on your very first turn, allowing for a 3/2 or 3/1 Agenda to be scored on the very next turn.

If that Agenda is Accelerated Beta Test or Gila Hands Arcology, you should have another strong boost in the right direction.

Just keep placing ICE to protect your HQ and R&D, and score every 3/2 from your hand with Biotic Labor, getting it back with Archived Memories whenever you need it.

Basically this deck should go very very fast, because when the runner has a complete rig, there's not much that could get in his way... every ICE has a very low strenght anyway.

It works quite fine against Crypsis-based decks, however, but gets utterly destroyed by Atman-based decks. Thing is, the economy could hardly support stronger and way more expensive pieces of ICE.

Will probably benefit enormously from NEXT ICE, let's just hope all of them are like Bronze: EtR and low cost!
3 Oct 2013 haiku80

"[...] however, but gets utterly destroyed by Atman-based decks"

Which deck cannot be destroyed by Atman?

3 Oct 2013 paddosan

Heh, good question.

In my experience, Hadrian's Wall is the ultimate protection from Atman. It has a high base STR, and can be raised, making an Atman very expensive to install for it, and expensive (in terms of Data Sucker tokens) to use.

This deck, unfortunately, only has Ice Wall that can vary its strength, but quite lacks the economy to do that. All the rest of the ICE stands between 2 and 4, with 1-2 subroutines which makes it easy target for Atman-based decks.