Programs are for Hacks

Declaim 33

Use Frame Job and Fan Site to stick bad publicity. Drive By can check suspicious installs. Data Leak Reversal, Wireless Net Pavilion, and Paparazzi let you mill into archives (which you can use Blackmail to access).

2 Oct 2015 esutter479

Fun concept! :) All I think it would need is a bit more econ, and then you're off to the races! Maybe drop the Drive Bys for Armitages or something...

2 Oct 2015 Wolfknight

@esutter479 what do you need economy for? I believe fast advance/astro train will fuck you up. I'd recommend to put The Source to negate it.

2 Oct 2015 Declaim

@Wolfknight Iain's 10 influence makes The Source a hard include without giving up on bad publicity altogether (which is a definite alternative). I guess I could try 1x Frame Job and 1x The Source and just depend on Logos.

2 Oct 2015 esutter479

You need econ to play things. Data Folding ain't free...the hardware are all 4 a piece, and if you want to play Sure Gambles without clicking for dough, then I just think it'd be prudent to have at least 1 more money option...that's all. :)