Hard Shelled

Theyos 69

A deck that aims to utilise Apex's free face down installs to fuel good card draw and economy. Using Plascrete to supplement Heartbeat. Whilst giving the security of breaking some of the scarier non-end the run ice.

Contemplating ditching Heartbeat entirely for Dinosaurus to host Endless Hunger for free MU and free up deck slots from mem chips.

Not played with it yet, this is a first draft. I am a newer player so the deck does not include harder to source packs such as Creation and Control, Future Proof, Opening Moves, nor does it contain SanSan cycle yet.

Thanks to @tendermovement for suggesting Leprechaun and disposable breakers.

4 Oct 2015 Myriad

Deja Vu feels like a poor choice in this build as you are not running viruses. It also is expensive, which is something Apex struggles with.

Chopbot in my experience is bad in Apex. Part of the power of Heartbeat is your ability to negate all damage. In many ways heartbeat/endless hunger are your two in faction breakers in Apex and both require a decent amount of installed cards to function. Once you reach critical mass, you have a pretty decent shot against fast advance, rush and butcher shop.

Chopbot compromises your growing board state for a pretty lousy 1-3 credits and a card each turn. The only "good" target for it is Harbringer, everything else means you are just cycling cards.

I think you are better off cutting it entirely for Adam's "Safety First", which will guarantee you a draw every turn. With skull cage + heartbeat you can actually have a hand size of 6 and still get a draw. Best of all, it works with Adam's independent thought!