The end of the Fiscal year! [Tier 1 Fisk]

Dydra 2774

I've been playing Fisk for quote some time in different manners, but generally always striving for the DLR mill type.

The general idea is quite simple.

Utilize early running on centrals forcing the corp to draw 1 card each turn. Flood their hand with the Investment Seminar and apply HQ pressure through Account Siphon, Legwork and Sneakdoor Beta.

In the meantime you setup your DLR+Fall Guy + WNP.

Finish him off either with milling the points through DLR and running archives. Or just go for decking him. Both are viable finishers and you have to pick depending game by game basis.

Note worthy comments

While playing the different versions of this deck (went even for DDOS + False Echo at one point) I noticed a few things. I was overdrawing half of the games I couldn't apply any HQ pressure, let alone land an Account Siphon on time.

A single card fixed all of my problems. Faust

Now if I ovedraw through Fisk and Earthrise, I simply feed it to the demon.

Card choices

  • Crash Space is what I'm currently testing. Might be an overkill because Paparazzi deals nice with Meat Damage( BB Argus), but I like the tag removal money. If it doesn't do much work, I'll replace it 1xGang Sign and 1xHQ interface to further disrupt the corp's stacked HQ.

  • Astrolabe. This is a card which I really want more of but can't exactly decide what to cut for it. One way to play against Fisk is horizontal play. Once you flood your hand to 8-9 cards you simply toss down a random number of crap and HQ is no longer stacked. Furthermore there a bunch of Corps that want to do that like NEH, The new HB ID, PE , Genomics and Argus. Helps against RP obviously as well. Astrolabe takes care of that. Not only it will feed you cards to eat potential cards, but will always give you food for Faust and let you collect your DLR pieces.

  • Trope - my choice of recursion. Nothing much more to say here. The card is too much value. The alternative is Levy + 1-2 SoT, but that's more deck slots and it might ruin tempo ( trope will get back exactly the pieces that you need). The 3 influence is a pain, but worth it.

  • Feint is value here. Not only it's a fale-safe for Emergency Shutdown denial, but it also triggers Fisk's ability for 2c.

  • Dirty Laundry combos great. If you have Security Testing on empty archives (cuz they need to position their ice on other 2 centrals and remote mostly) 5c + Fisk ability + DLR install enabler. Together with Security Testing are the best econ cards for Fisk. Quite enough to run this deck too.


Not including any D&D cards, because that's at least a few more weeks from now. Obviously you can beef up the deck quite a bit with cards like the current that blanks the corp ID. Obviously the corp gets some weapons as well, but if you aren't an NBN player like me, you will be more impressed with the runner cards.


4 Oct 2015 sruman

With only 4 full-value career fair targets, I'm not seeing how CF is better than sure gamble here.

4 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

"tier 1". Always so modest eh?

4 Oct 2015 moistloaf

much better in Andy

4 Oct 2015 weepinggorilla

Women play Netrunner, please stop using "him" with exclusivity in your lists when referring to potential opponents.

That being said, I love this build and am really excited to try it out! Thoughts on woman in the red dress? Just not worth the influence?

5 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

Mine was totally directed to you, @Dydra. I think in Leela this is just better.

5 Oct 2015 Dydra

@sruman You are absolutely correct. However, I prefer to be able to install Earthrise from 1c than to keep the 5c needed for Sure Gamble. Can add Daily Casts or Armitage Codebusting to make it more appealing on the 2x Crash Space if u like.

@SlayerCNV When you go 12-3 in 15 in both online and face-to-face games, you don't get much more tier 1 than that.

@moistloaf Depends on what you want to do with your deck. From all Crim runners who can make this package work, Fisk is the most mill oriented.

@weepinggorilla Thanks!

@SlayerCNV Leela and this offer different styles of play for this DLR package. Leela is very passive and waits for the corp to score, so she can explode with some plays. If you make early runs, they can rezz ICE which you can't bounce back unless your make some ES plays. Also her ID doesn't help the mill in any way.

This deck on the other hand mills the corp 1 card a turn until you setup your rig( or until they lock you out of centrals which costs time and money). Also indirectly stacking the cards in HQ is very strong. In 90% of the games I played I'm at 3-4 points by the time I setup Fall Guys and WNP. From there on it's just accessing the game state correctly and decide to go for mill points or totally deck him.

6 Oct 2015 dydra_is_effed

@Dydra How come we never hear from these people who apparently lose against you ? Are you sure the 12-3 record isnt against stuffed toys !

6 Oct 2015 Dydra

I see another scarred mouse, who can't post with his main account. :) So happy to stomp mice like you that hide all the time ...

18 Oct 2015 jkl620

why both Crash Space and Paparazzi? Paparazzi prevents all meat damage and you can't remove Paparazzi with Crash Space.