Indian Deathlock (aka The Triple-H Bomb)

Vexation 129

I've been out of the loop for a while and before I actually get to sit down and decide what to play in the upcoming Greek Nationals I had to purge myself from the desire to play janky combo decks. Hence this little monster that I took to a friendly 20 person tournament yesterday ... and didn't make many friends.

I didn't expect to be able to lock down the combo and bomb for 8-10 DDOS supported medium digs so consistently, but either I was having a good day or it actually locks that fast. I'd definitely change a few things now that I've played it (e.g. swap the omnidrives for 2x Quality Time) but overall I'm happy with this.

Not very interactive and definitely not enjoyable for your opponent if he's unaware of how everything clicks together.

5 Oct 2015 Vexation

And I actually published a wrong version, it's actually -1 x Net Celeb, -1 x Toolbox, -1 x All-Nighter for 3x Daily Casts.

5 Oct 2015 M1ke

When using False Echo, is the newly outermost ice affected by DDoS mid-run?

5 Oct 2015 Vexation

That's the whole point

5 Oct 2015 M1ke

Grade-A funky-junky stuff :D

5 Oct 2015 linuxmaier

Would Unscheduled Maintenance be cute here? Since they have a much harder time recovering post-dig?

5 Oct 2015 Vexation

It would, but thanks to demolition run you're hoping one 10 click drive should be enough, and more importantly, can't find the 2 inf required :(

I suppose Unscheduled Maintenance is more useful in Echo Chamber Valencia style of DDOS abuse (which was the inspiration for this deck)

5 Oct 2015 nbove

Any particular reasoning for using The Toolbox and Omni-Drive instead of Astrolabe and Akamatsu Mem Chip? The latter would install for free with Kate's ability and potentially get you some free card draws while you are trying to set up your combo. It doesn't look like the recurring credits are worth the increased install costs since it is trying to combo out and win the game in a single turn.

5 Oct 2015 Vexation

None really, it's one of the things I would change if I wanted to improve the design and make it lock faster. As I said in the intro, I've been out of the loop for a while and my design-fu is a bit rusty :)

5 Oct 2015 svendbuus

Damn, when you false echo+ddos a 2 ice server, can the corp not rez the innermost either then!? Thats bonkers. makes a unrezzed glacierserver die really fast?

5 Oct 2015 svendbuus

Damn, when you false echo+ddos a 2 ice server, can the corp not rez the innermost either then!? Thats bonkers. makes a unrezzed glacierserver die really fast?

6 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

So if I run with a ddos active and I fire false echo I trash an ice. Then I've to jack out and run with false echo again no?

6 Oct 2015 michaeln

@SlayerCNV: Not sure I completely understand the question, but I think you can force the uninstall (back to HQ) of as many pieces of ICE as you have False Echo installed (each Echo is trashed). Each ICE successively becomes the outermost piece of ICE on the server, and is then passed and echo-ed back to HQ. Yikes!

@Vexation: shouldn't you also be running Showing Off? Presumably a Sacrificial Construct or two, would let you get into something that was even deeper. But with the Clone Chips, I guess you already have nice enough re-use of the Echoes.

6 Oct 2015 Vexation

I prefer demolition run tbh, if you set the whole thing competently enough (i.e. 10 clicks) you can access about 26-30 cards. The main problem with showing off is the one extra influence which I can't fit in the deck :(

Tbh, the best change in the deck would be to switch it to Chaos Theory and make sure the economy pans out

6 Oct 2015 Dydra

How do you survive trap-based decks? Any Jinteki non-RP tax and the new HB ID?

7 Oct 2015 Vexation

Funnily enough I hadn't played against such until yesterday. It wasn't pretty. I'm thinking of removing clot and one demo run for 2xI've had worse and investing in good luck charms :)

7 Oct 2015 Dothanite

I built a Hayley version using Keyhole instead - less influence for a greater effect! Demolition Run is still one of my favorite cards, though. I'll definitely have to try this version out.

27 Oct 2015 percomis

@Dothanite do you have a decklist for the Hayley version?

28 Jul 2016 bbnumber2

@michaeln Just as a little note Sacrificial Construct wouldn't actually do anything because you have to finish the paid ability. So since False Echo requires you to trash itself if you prevent it with Sacrificial Construct the paid ability of False Echo won't finish.

2 Aug 2016 michaeln

@bbnumber2 You may well be right. To get all terminologically picky though: note that False Echo doesn't have a “paid ability”. A paid ability requires the cost: effect format on the card, and FE doesn’t have that.