Broken runs by Brwit- first deck build, feedback welcome :)

brwit 13

The point of this deck is to make trashes and runs economically taxing on the runner. There are a few cards in the deck that are easy discards- these are needed to keep a large number of face-down cards in archives so ice isn't needed to protect economy cards or other assets (like Jackson). Hokusai Grid and Hostile Infrastructure are easy tosses. You can also keep the runner a bit on their toes with Junebug and other traps- making them afraid to run on unprotected agendas. I've won twice on this deck (2/0) but not from killing the runner- the net damages (like shocks in archives) are just inconvenient slow downs for the runner.

To have a shot at winning, though, you really REALLY need Jackson early in the game. I've been fortunate to draw Jackson on my first draw twice. It's also really nice to get Hades Fragment scored if you've blown through a Jackson or two.

This is the first deck I've ever really built so I'd love any feedback people can give- perhaps about better ice?

5 Oct 2015 donttalknojive

A 69 card deck with 11 ice is kinda nuts. And another thing that doesn't bode well is your first line of the description says "you really need Jackson early" - that is made so much harder by the massive deck size.

I know it's tough to pare things down, but it's absolutely essential. The larger your deck the less reliable it is. The larger your deck, the more points the runner will be able to steal from you.

Try to remake this deck with only 49 cards.

Some advice on how to do that: You have way too many assets, upgrades, and operations.

Shock!, Snare!, and Sundew are great! Mushin pairs with Junebug well. And of course, Jackson is pretty essential. But what are the rest really contributing? Ronin does damage, so do your other assets. Shi.Kyu costs more than you can probably afford. PADs are nice 'cause you're low on econ, but why don't you take more Celebrity Gifts and Sundews. You want your opponent to know that your Mushin could be deadly so you can feint in a Fetal AI, so the gifts are particularly useful for you.

I don't think you need Hokusai and you would probably be better off spending your influence on something other than Red Herrings. I like the Ash, though.

Don't throw the kitchen sink into the deck and it'll play a lot better.

As for ice, you should look at other Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions decks and see what kind of ice suites they're running - try them out for yourself, and if you decide they're not fitting your style make informed decisions about what you might change.

5 Oct 2015 brwit

Thanks so much for the feedback! I followed your advice and got it down to 54 cards- I'll try playing it with this and see if I can find more non-essentials during gameplay.