svendbuus 46

SO! I got an idea! eveybody knows of the hypershitfucker DLR deck... what about the combo of ddos and false echo? Making any server a viable target (you could even use it to access scoring server midgame). Main idea is build up, much draw much money. The big turn is: pop hyperdrivers: ddos+false echo through rnd (use clone chips if more ice than false echos), then keyhole to death. This is fun for 2 reasons: 1. what can the corp do other than try to score as fast as possible? 2. 10+ keyholes in one turn is gonna hurt the corps hands with all of the shuffling. PS this is jank - but is has no icebreakers, i like that

6 Oct 2015 Saibrock

You forgot to put in some icebreakers. DDoS is one-time-use each, and you only have 3 of them.

6 Oct 2015 svendbuus

Hi @Saibrock, i think you are misunderstanding the purpose of DDoS in the game, it triggers with false echo, making any server accessible for an entire turn, combined with keyhole and hyperdriver, that gives you 13 clicks to keyhole without any interruption from Corp.. so yeah the deck works in one big turn, popping all ice on rnd (except for innermost, which the corp still can't rez) back to corps hand (thus the title defrost, melting any glacierdeck). If that doesn't work you still have options to ddos+false echo later into scoring remotes or more keyhole.

6 Oct 2015 Kamalisk

What if they have executive boot camp, amazon industrial zone, score a beta test, use oversight AI, use bioroid efficiency research, elizas toybox, priority requisition (and possibly other stuff)? Put in a crypsis or you just auto lose to any piece of ice rezzed.

6 Oct 2015 svendbuus

@Kamalisk Executive is by far my deepest worries, since noone in my meta plays weyland, i have yet to see a competetive deck play toybox or BER. But you are asoloutely right, the deck suffers from rezzed ice, but i am not saying this deck is gonna win 100% of the time. as for the tempo, i have often gotten the combo off in turn 6-7 (which in my opinion isn't that bad again). The great part is that the corp needs one rezzed ice on both rnd and scoring server in order to keep it out (unless ofc fast advancing, which should not be playing any of the mentioned cards).

6 Oct 2015 svendbuus

In most of my games i surpriceinstall DDoS as my first click of my big turn, since people expect the DLR-play. The deck shines best if the corp does not know what is about to happen.

6 Oct 2015 rumirumirumirumi

I'd have to try it out, but even if they think your going for DLR the counter is largely the same: cheap etr ice and start getting agendas out of R&D. The econ on this deck seems pretty small, and unless you're winning with those keyhole runs there's not much left to it. DLR also has the opportunity to mill the corp, forcing them to play faster. This deck doesn't threaten the mill.

6 Oct 2015 kjncl

I might consider dropping to 2 Career Fair in order to be able to slot in a Hades Shard

6 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'd consider dropping all three Career Fair for a single Apocalypse. Now that's just rude.

7 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

I still have not understood this combo. You kill the outermost with false +ddos. Then the second is the outermost but you need to use false echo, or what?

7 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@SlayerCNV: You are correct. In a single run, you keep triggering DDoS by using False Echo, which forces the corp to trash the encountered ICE (since the corp cannot choose to rez it because of DDoS), making the next ICE the outermost. You then Clone Chip FE back in or use another installed copy until there is no ICE left on the server. If you have Medium/Keyhole installed or whatever, you now have 3 more to dig R&D.

17 Nov 2015 hilreeee

Have you come across any issues with a Caprice on R&D?