Tax man

Grumblecorn 62

The idea is to force the runner to spend far more dubloons than they'd care to. If they want to trash your assets, let them. It'll only drain their dubloons that much faster. I feel the stopping power of the ice is a bit on the low side, and that multi-access would be this deck's downfall. Any advice is appreciated.

6 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Mother Goddess is great ETR ICE in Spark (it gets the advertisement subtype from Pop-up Windows and Special Offers).

I'd strongly consider some Wraparounds. They are pretty critical for dealing with AIs and for rushing early AstroScripts in your opening hand.

Ad Blitz seems too good to only have one copy, and it's pretty much your only money sink.

6 Oct 2015 Grumblecorn

@FarCryFromHuman - This is the second version of this deck I've thought up. Last time I posted it I was told that Mother Goddess wouldn't work due to it gaining the subtype after it was rezzed. Not sure if it's true or not, but I cut it for now.