K Street

Grimwalker 638

You know who makes more money than Congress? Lobbyists. What else is Professional Contacts in a Congress build?

So, major changes from the pre-GenCon build I started with:

Film Critic + NACH: With Film Critic around, I expect more SEA Source than Midseasons. FC negates the drawback of NACH in large part. All-Seeing-I will be a problem too so I want tag avoidance.

Professional Contacts: I just like it better than Quality Time, and it plays well with Career Fair

Employee Strike: If I have to explain this you've never had it played against you.

Inject: did I mention I really don't like Quality Time?

Shrike/Multithreader: Pretty awesome, and gets Study Guide powered up quite quickly.

Suggestions welcome.

6 Oct 2015 Grimwalker

In particular having 46 cards and 14 influence feels wobbly to me. It feels like something ought to be able to be tightened up.

6 Oct 2015 daytodave

We're on the same wavelength, apparently. I've been tinkering with this.

Going over the minimum isn't usually a problem in Congress, because you draw through the whole deck. However, the one thing that is always a problem is speed. Congress is slow, even with the tempo recovery from Career Fair + ProCo, I think you need 2-3x Stimhacks.

How have you found NACH + Film Critic? I've tested a few times and don't think I've ever prevent a tag with NACH and saved it with Film Critic in the same game. I eventually went back to Bookmark.

6 Oct 2015 sruman

Agree on stimhack. SMC + Clone Chips + Study Guide all great targets (plus just trashing junk). Personally I would cut inject for 1 stimhack and 1 legwork (have to a small bit of HQ pressure).

You don't really have that many modded targets which cost 4+ (to utilize kate + modded money). Why not just sure gambles?

6 Oct 2015 daytodave

@sruman Modded is the right choice in Congress because you want to draw hard, though it's normally paired with Quality Time. 3x Modded + 3x Career Fair in your deck gives you the confidence to QT on click 2 or Diesel on click 3 without fear of hand size. It doesn't sound like much, but not having to hold back your draw cards seriously speeds up the deck.

In a version without QT though, it's possible that Sure Gamble is stronger.

7 Oct 2015 Grimwalker

@daytodave the interaction with Modded and Career Fair with Quality Time is a good one and makes it probably better than I give it credit for. I'll put it back in for testing.

@sruman I like the Stimhack/Legwork suggestion. Will give it a shot.

9 Oct 2015 Grimwalker

@daytodave Film Critic + New Angeles City Hall all the time! It makes Weyland and Butchershop both toothless.

I have been converted to the glories of Quality Time plus the reducer events. Legwork and Stimhack have both also been awesome.