Post D&D Congress ProCo

daytodave 1185

Shrike is an amazing addition to this deck; it frees up rig space for Multithreader or Clot while preserving the deck thinning of Rabbit Hole. Discuss.

ProCo is the ultimate Career Fair target. If you have them both in your opening hand you get a free credit practically every click of the first half of the game, without slowing down your setup.

You have a 7.5% chance of drawing any given 3-of in a 40 card deck, and a 7.1% chance in a 42 card deck. For now, I'll take the hit.

7 Oct 2015 gammanet

age old arguement: your max rig appears to be 5mu, which mean s you could easily fill the last 3 slots with astrolabe, and be a fast rig kate(or atrolabe, astrolabe, quality time).

7 Oct 2015 Sutlomatsch

Why splash Career Fair insted of playing good old Sure Gamble?

7 Oct 2015 Myriad

I gotta say, post D&D congress deck without any all seeing I protection is... kinda... bad.

All Seeing I will be "seeing" a lot of play in just about every NBN deck. It is seriously that good.

7 Oct 2015 daytodave

@Myriad You're absolutely right.

It's a personal deckbuilding style thing: When I want to build a deck that has an achilles-heel like that I ignore it at first, test to see what can be cut, then slot in protection. In this case, the protection would be -2 Bookmark, +2 New Angeles City Hall, +2 Film Critic. That's actually probably the best argument for doing this in Kate: You can switch Rabbit Hole for Dyson and add those extra two cards plus a Quality Time.

7 Oct 2015 daytodave

@Sutlomatsch Career Fair will always resolve in this deck, making it better than Sure Gamble (3 and a click versus 4). Also, Career Fair helps you recover if you draw into it after hardcasting ProCo click 1. Finally, it gives you a bit more confidence to draw hard or Diesel on click 3, with less chance of having to discard.