Haarpsichord Doomsday (45-card version)

lajcik 98

I won't get into much details since this deck is based on the original Harrpsichord Doomsday deck published by @Isvan so if you want to learn how to play this go read his excellent description at http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/24236/haarpsichord-doomsday.

I honestly love the deck and it is so much fun to play. You need some practice with it to do good though. There are problematic cards and matchups that you have to play around and improvise a lot to have a chance to win but it is doable.

There are a few changes to the original tho:

  • I went for 45 cards instead of 49 to maximize the chance to draw into the combo
  • Replaced Draco with Data Raven to protect Archives or another central server. While it is a bit of an economic setback it does its job pretty well stalling the runner or giving me tags.
  • One AstroScript Pilot Program instead of two to make room for 3xExplode-a-palooza. I feel they can help set up such an economic advantage to help you score that Beale.
  • Two copies of Psychographics instead of one to enable those double Psycho plays from the Accelerated Diagnostics
  • Dropped the Subliminal Messaging because the credits you gain are negligible and it encourages runners to run often which can result in them stealing too many agendas too early.

Depending on your meta you may consider adding a single Closed Accounts (or just replacing one Psycho with it) to help push that Project Beale

I took it to the Polish Nationals and had a blast with it winning 4 out of 6 games. One game was lost due to Noise stealing Hades Fragment first turn (3x install virus, run Archives Q_Q). The other also against Noise, but a very close game with me ultimately losing just one turn before being able to score the last agenda.

Overall it's a blast to play. I highly recommend it.