Hot, Hot Heat

bloodyfistyheart 42

I really enjoy NBN and this deck is a way to play the faction that is genuinely new to me. That makes it pretty exciting.

The overall goal for "Hot, Hot Heat" is to create a large money gap between you and the runner to turn a big Midseason Replacements into a glacier with Shoot the Moon.

The sweet thing is that with our ID, the things that give the corp money, take money from the runner, naturally lending itself to creating this wage gap. This will be perpetuated by them losing money from breaking ICE, stealing an NAPD Contract, and trashing assets. You will also get little credit boosts from Explode-a-palooza and Special Offer. Ideally, the turn before midseason will be something like the runner hitting a Special Offer then stealing an Explode-a-palooza or NAPD. This will swing up to 11 credits in your favor. Good stuff.

The ICE selection makes things pretty open in the early game, which is fine, because we want them to make a steal. put the big ICE out anyway and let your weak servers transform into monsters after you shoot the moon.

9 Oct 2015 Bigguyforyou518

With Data Leak Reversal decks popping up all over the place, it seems like a mistake not to include at least a single The All-Seeing I.

Also how has your testing with Ad Blitz gone? I've found that it's pretty hard to play without giving yourself a tempo loss or hurting your credit pool significantly - between Special Offers and Pop-up Windows having to be installed on the outside of older servers (costing more s), and needing to have multiple ice'd remotes already in place to protect any campaigns you resurrect, the utility quickly begins to crumble. Add to that the fact that you have to immediately rez all of those cards (unless you purposely game it so that you're broke), your ID ability gets sortof wasted by just proccing a single time.

9 Oct 2015 bloodyfistyheart

That's a good point about All-seeing I. Lots of really strong resources. I don't consider ad blitz a big deal card. If the runner is poor, why not throw down a couple adonis campaigns? I wouldn't use it to get a ton of stuff out, just a couple. Maybe recur a special offer and stick it in front of a campaign if you're worried about it getting trashed immediatly.

9 Oct 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Think about that though - even in the best case scenario which I assume would be rezzing a Launch Campaign (the least risky investment on your part) and protecting it with a Special Offer, let's assume the runner immediately runs on it.

You've now :

  • Lost 3 effective 's (1 to draw the Ad Blitz, 2 to play it)
  • Gained 3 's (-2 for rezzing both ads, +5 for the Special Offer firing)

While the runner has:

  • Lost 1 for running on it
  • Lost 3 (1 for your ID proccing, 2 to )

And that's assuming the runner isn't Whizzard or otherwise has recurring s for trashing, and isn't running something like a Desperado which is quite common. The math doesn't really get better with more ads, because you have to front the cost for each one, and protect them.

10 Oct 2015 bloodyfistyheart

Currently trying out -1 ad blitz +1 The All-Seeing I as well as switching out 3 Launch campaigns for 3 PAD campaigns. I thought the PADs would be better for the more trash-happy runners. Give them something to blow their money on.

The base strat is working well overall. Assasin could, and probably should, be subbed out for something else.