Eater Roja, Undefeated 7-0 in local store, Vilnius

pauleikis 109

This is credit denial deck based on Headlock Reina deck. Unlike Headlock Reina this deck uses Keyhole instead of normal anarch breaker suite to seal the game. It went undefeated for 6 Swiss rounds + tie breaker finals, because we had perfect tie based on points, prestige and strength of schedule. I was really lucky to win the flip in the finals, because my corp NEH Turtleback deck was not performing that well (3-3). Last datapack legal was Old Hollywood.

Deck went against Core Weyland 5 agenda, Haarpsichord butchershop (2x, that was the finalist), HB fast advance, NBN tag and bag, Blue Sun 6 agenda with Hollywood renovations and cosmic ice, probably the toughest matchup, and Gagarin Deepspace where opponent had unprotected R&D and I had Keyhole, game was over in two turns.

Highlights of the deck

  1. Account Siphon + Eater - easy early syphons.
  2. Keyhole + Eater - nothing to say, just wins games after the corp is struggling to rez Ice and they can rarely Ice archives too. Even then there is Faust and Hades Shard
  3. Vigil - in credit denial deck this is AWESOME, draws like 10 cards per game because corp is usually clicking for 3 credits
  4. D4v1d - some matchups meh, but against Blue Sun and Haarpsichord Studios (Guttenberg, Little Engine, Wraparounds all around) this was MVP and I wished I was playing 3

First things to cut

  1. Vamp - used only once and I would have won without this one easily in that matchup too. It's just a ghetto Account Siphon. This is an easy cut. Probably Déjà Vu instead. Or maybe second Faust.
  2. Cuttlery - although these were useful and I would be really hesitant to cut these. It enables some steals from remote which otherwise would be impossible without normal breaker suite. And you can't have that without major memory issues.

Counters a.k.a CARDS I HATE!!!1

  1. Crisium Grid - I just can't even words...
  2. Swordsman - other AI hate is either parasitable with small tempo loss or outright D4v1dable. With this one you need to find/recover your icebreaker, although it's parasitable too.
  3. Blue Sun - non parasitable Ice Walls make me sad. Also very hard to keep them low on money
11 Oct 2015 Linger

Vamp to Xanadu and Blue Sun will suffer a pain.

11 Oct 2015 Gaxeco

Why not film critic instead of Hades Shard? :D

11 Oct 2015 pauleikis

@Linger I was considering Xanadu, but usually when I draw at least one Plascrete I prefer to go into "tag me" mode. Persistant resources are not good in this case.

@Gaxeco I would say the same thing about Film Critic. Not good in "tag me" mode and also is not needed with Keyhole. And I really really like Hades Shard as a form of security in late game. Maybe if there is a second Faust or at least Crypsis to get to those agendas in Archives when there are enough of them milled, Hades Shard can be ditched for something else.

11 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

Hades is for keyhole

14 Oct 2015 triorph

What do you do if they turing on HQ?

15 Oct 2015 pauleikis

@triorph I can either clickthrough Turing for Account Siphon if it's needed fast or I can Parasite and wait a few turns. It's only 2 strength on central. Meanwhile gathering credits or pounding R&D with Keyhole. It's really not that big deal and it was actually the case in HB fast advance matchup; parasited it and attacked R&D.

4 Nov 2015 rvdrdx

How about Quest Completed to counter Crisium Grid ?