5th place PSI games: The Lord Of Psi

ryanbantwins 1966

This is the deck I piloted yesterday during the PSI games organised by Stimhack.com. It went 2-1 with wins against Kate and Noise and a loss against another Kate where my 3 Caprices where in the bottom 10 cards of my deck :( . Didn't even play a single Psi game that game because of Film Critic.

The idea is to be a fast RP and rush everything with a Caprice. The Ice is cheap and taxing and the econ is solid. Nisei division is way better then people think because of Snowflake (1 cost Wall of Static) and because they can't tax you during Psi games.

13 Oct 2015 Sidkah

I love it! I'm glad a rogue deck like this did so good at a high competitive environment! Will play test and tweak this some! Once again, CONGRATS!!

13 Oct 2015 Badeesh

Solid. I think there's another snare based modernism idea that'll work here too. Caprice Rush ftw.

25 Oct 2015 SlySquid

love the ideas here!