I've had DLR(1 after swiss, 5 after top Russian National)

Duskrunner 78

13 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

This is a masterpiece, believe me! Unfortunately, DnD already contains straight counter to this deck: The All-Seeing I. =(

13 Oct 2015 chill84

Deck by @thebigunit3000

14 Oct 2015 Dothanite

@Cryoclasm yeah, I tried that against DLR Val and it's not so cut and dry. Val has Bad Pub to stop The All-Seeing I's resource trash, meaning you need two copies in hand to actually stop this deck. This is also why I see versions packing 1x Activist Support since tags don't matter to you.

I'm very surprised there's not a direct answer to Turing, though it probably doesn't matter with anything save the account siphon as Blackmail gets you where you need to be any other time.

15 Oct 2015 gozik

Why would anybody play The All-seeing if nobody actually have a slot for freelancer which hurts this deck at least as much as allseeing?

16 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

@gozik There is aa slight difference between two and all resources. Especially considering Fall Guy.

16 Oct 2015 gozik

Still nobody will play it. Too much restrictions and it does nothing vs Kate.

16 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

@gozik If there is only Kate in your meta, sure, no one would play it. However, it always feels good to blow up LibAccounts, SecTesting, Drug Dealer, Aesop, Kati and what not in Anarchs and Criminal decks at the cost of 1 credit.

16 Oct 2015 gozik

For cost of 0 you can trash all runner resources(at least important ones) with freelancer in 99% cases. If current corps do not have extra slot for freelancer they will not find it for all seeing as well. There are tons of good cards that does not make the cut in some nbn decks: blacklist, psyhographic, dbs, shipment from san-san, closed accounts. Some decks even drops 3rd JH! Competition for deck slots is too tough to play such situational cards as freelancer/allseeing.

16 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

You are telling me that there are good cards that don't make the cut, but do you realize that each card serves specific purpose and therefore vast majority of cards simply can not be put in a deck just for no reason? Of course, there are exclusions: "a-must" cards like JH and Hedge Fund. But seriously, have you seen Butchershop with Blacklist or SoSS? As for other cards you mentioned, I have seen all of them to some extent in various NBN decks because they were put there with a reason. So your argument that these cards don't make the cut is ridiculous.

I can't say anything about people dropping in-faction JH, except that they are too greedy. I don't think we should consider them discussing competitive deckbuilding.

21 Oct 2015 firesa

so quick how to for this guide? Find off campus, install all your connections, draw your deck and set up DLR + wireless net + fall guy + paparrazi, then mill them? How does it deal with Fastro? And how does it make money? Thanks