Anything for a Buck

Thike 1174

Get drugs. Make a deal. Run hard.

Won a 10-person GNK with this deck in Vancouver, Canada. 4 rounds. Beat a 5 agenda Blue Sun deck, an HB Hybrid, and another Weyland deck that I can't remember right now. Vancouver really like Weyland at the moment. Lost to a NEH Sponsorship deck. Sometimes the early econ can be spotty, so keeping up with assets was a pain.

17 Oct 2015 Lorgar

Unconventional build! Did you use the Levy? How did it work without a code gate breaker? Can`t you find a slot for Passport or two Rex?

17 Oct 2015 Thike

I use LARLA in about 1/3 of the games. (In another 1/3 I've won before its an option.) Its a lot like PPVP Kate. So much of your econ is consumable that levying gets you more money as much as it does more cards. My latest version has actually dropped the Dirty Laundries for 2x SecTest and a Rex, because I'm terrified of Turing. That should help it against asset decks as well. I think I also dropped a FIS for a Plascrete, or to just prune it to 45.